Written Report on Career Research

A high school diploma or equivalent is the lowest education requirement for becoming a restaurant manager as stated in the HCC Careers Database. One of the requirements are associates and certificates in management programs and administration, and some aspiring professionals may be able to complete a bachelor’s degree. Most retention managers start their careers as counter-helps, waiters or cooks and train later on (Frantz et al. 2016).
The timeline for completing a Bachelship in Hotel and Restaurant Management is four years, according to the HCC Careers database; the diploma is two years while the certificate is one year.
5. Salary and Cost of Living
According to Texas Reality Check, the quantity that I will require to maintain the living standard of Houston is $98,085 per year. Also, basing on the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the outlook of my career regarding the median salary was $48,690 per year by 2015. Evidently, many people were employed as a restaurant manager. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook hiring of food service manager is envision to grow five percent from 2014 to 2014, approximately as fast as the average for all occupation. People who have vast work experience and those who have acquired a degree in food service, restaurant, and hospitality management are accorded a best and lucrative salary (U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014).

I will not live comfortable in Houston since my projected salary is $98,085 in a year whereas the salaries that restaurant managers are paid per year is $48,690. It means that when I live in Houston, I have to cut some of the miscellaneous expenses and some basic needs. Though with time as I gain experience and further my education the pay will increase, I will still strain to pay my bills since the money that restaurant managers are paid are very low.

According to Cable News Network (2015), the cost of living in Houston is cheap compared to New York (Manhattan), if a person makes $50,000 and want to relocate to Manhattan he should be able to find a job that should pay at least $115,322 in a year. Groceries, housing, Utilities, transportation, and health in Manhattan costs 47 %,337%,32%,40% and 27|% respectively, more than what it costs in Houston. The living standards in Manhattan is very high and relocating to work in Manhattan would be super expensive.

6. Voluntary Opportunities

I will participate in the charity organization that is known as Serve a Meal in the Ronald McDonald House inside Texas Children’s Hospitals (Volunteer Match, 1998-2015). This charity organization aims to provide food, care, and hospitality to children who are admitted to the intensive care unit in Texas Children hospitals. By participating in this activity, it enables me to nature the art of hospitality that I studied in school.

I will participate in the charity event known as Family Room Volunteers at MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospitals. This charity event aims at supporting family and patients in children cancer hospitals (Volunteer Match, 1998-2015). The volunteers help families to check in and out of the bedrooms, visit other projects and bake cookies for the children and the family that have been affected by cancer. By participating in this event, I will be able to sharpen my skills in customer service, food, and services, hospitality, relation, and relationship building.


Although I am yet to land a solid a job that I desire, it is apparent that restaurant management is a field I want to specialize in the future. It is obvious that a person should pursue the dreams and careers that he is passionate about since it has been proclaimed from the beginning, that passion is entirety.


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