The opportunity for the creation of an action which is considered meaningful and ethical in the world greatly depends on the modernist perspective. A modernism perspective is a philosophical approach which strains to integrate modern ideas with the traditional beliefs and how things are done (Woodward, 2002). Modernist perspective views traditional setups as outdated hence aims to improve them by introducing modern ideas to the setup. Some of the modernist attitudes include utilitarianism and deontology which have been applied to solve many challenges which couldn’t be addressed through the traditional approach (Eldridge, 2016). Utilitarianism, for instance, can serve to create an ethically ideal world. Utilitarianism judges an action by whether it brings happiness to the highest number of people or whether it brings sadness to the highest number of people. An action which brings happiness to many people is considered right while that which brings sadness is considered wrong. Utilitarianism can, therefore, be used to create an ethically ideal world where actions which bring happiness are encouraged while those that bring sorrow are avoided.

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The music of today reflects the theories of ethical egoism, Nihilism, and postmodernism. Ethical egoism is reflected in the music due to the fact that it promotes one’s own good in line with morality. Artists in different music genres promote morality through praising the actions of great men (Woodward, 2002). For instance, Busy signal in his song Free Up praises great black people all over the world such as Barrack Obama and Martin Luther (Mojim, n.d). Nihilism is expressed in modern music through criticism of the wicked actions of people in the world. Postmodernism philosophy is expressed through the production of music full of fiction instead of focusing on the reality.



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