Portrait vessel of a ruler: Moche North Coast, Peru

Ceramic vessels, which dominated between 100 B.C. and A.D.500, were among the most distinctive art objects among ancient Peruvians. The Moche potters used their art to reflect everything that was going on in Peru. Politics, domestic scenes, ceremonial activities, birds, plants, and royal patronages were among them. Individual features such as a furrowed brow and a slightly protruding upper lip, as well as other general characteristics typical among Peruvian Indians today, are depicted in the above image. The individual on the artwork has a proud bearing and commanding voice, as shown by the portrait. The artwork depicts a ruler with power possessed by Moche leaders. Furthermore, the ruler has an elite status which is conveyed by his fine headdress, which is a decoration of the elongated ear ornaments, facial paint on cheeks and forehead and some Moche textiles. This portrait indicates the royal authority that Peruvian leaders had during the 100 B.C to A.D.500.

Prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World, there already existed Indian civilizations in South and Central America. The most powerful and the richest civilized people existed in Peru, Mexico, and Guatemala. The rich class in these countries formed the ruling elite group and Moche culture in Peru was the most dominant. The above portrait by Kate S. Buckingham Endowment was done between 100 B.C and 700 A.D which coincides with the time when Moche culture and power was dominant. The naturalistic ceramic art is an exact representation of power and culture of powerful Peruvians that lived between 100 B.C and 700 A.D. The art also represents the kind of advanced civilization that existed in Central and South America before the arrival of Christopher Columbus who is recognized as the father of modern civilization.

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