First, the average person looking at the picture would consider it to be incredibly sexual and graphic. The pose of the cover shows that the two men are about to have sex with the woman in the centre. More so, the brownish liquid on their bodies looks like chocolate, it’s a pornographic film. Second, the work simply defines sexual behaviour. Also if the private parts of the characters are not accessible, it is obvious that they are nude and carry” Even if the private parts of the characters ae not visible, it is clear that they are naked and are holding each other to suggest a three-some sexual escapade. The work will clearly corrupt the minds of the public, especially children, who may come across it on the shelves of vendors. The work openly fits in the description of pornography as defined by the state laws. Thirdly, the work lacks any artistic, scientific, or political value. The three characters are explicitly displaying the act of sex. Even the inscription on the cover suggest the characters are “hot,” “sexy,” and “undead.” The work had no other message apart from that of arousing the sexual interest of its target audience.
Hence, based on the Miller guidelines the magazine cover should be classified as obscene and not supposed distributed to the general population. The picture is beyond the acceptable standards of artistic or erotic works. It does not deserve protection by the First Amendment because it interferes with the rights of others. Such images should not be allowed in the media as entertainment content.(Word count 276)

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