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Exhibitions play a great role in the contemporary world ranging from cultural grasp to the beauty and fragrance that comes with fashion. Over the previous years, museums often concentrated on the former, however with the various transformations that have been experienced in the current era, the latter has gained its way into the galleries. Multiple exhibitions present special objectives, a factor that makes it essential for one to significantly analyze the designs to understand the messages being conveyed by the displays. This learn about will thus focus on two exhibitions introduced at FIT museum; Force of Nature and Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme, to examine their objective descriptions, evaluation of their context, their comparisons, and contrasts.

Force of Nature Objective Description

The Force of Nature is one of the substantial exhibitions ever presented in the FIT museum and its objective aimed at revealing the interconnection between nature and fashion. In the past centuries, studies have often focused on style from a different perspective rather than how nature can inspire fashion and associated designs. Several collections therefore by various designers constituted the Force of Nature. For example, philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau based his design on nature by presenting a 1785 robe à l’anglaise in the museum that illustrated a simple dress made from the environment, Alexander McQueen showed a dress inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution together with an objective reflecting on climate change aspects. The Force of Nature further expresses the impact of fauna and flora in the fashion and design industry, by emphasizing on the collaborative beauty that these natural constitutes add to fashion designs. Evidently, the Force of Nature focuses on trend from an exceptional perspective that has rarely been studied by scholars before.

Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme Objective Description

Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme exhibition is also a substantial style in the exhibitions gallery. The design is based on travel experiences and encounters that have been incorporated into fashion designs. The objectives of travel experiences are to satisfy one’s inner self and gain the peace that comes with encountering significant sites in the process. However, experts have applied these encounters in fashion designs, and currently, mountain peaks, ocean fragrance, and outer space experiences inspire fashion designs. Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme is the first exhibition that has ever embraced this fashion perspective. This show had various designers present their models based on the mentioned experiences. For example, Madame Grès designed an après ski wear with a resemblance of the garments that were worn by Western explorers and invented by the Inuit. Models of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar were also used in the exhibition and their designs were based on iceberg images. Evidently, the fashion designs incorporated in this display are extreme, a fact reflected by the fact that it was the first exposition ever with distinctive designs from physical features.

Analysis of the Exhibitions’ Context

Unmistakably, the two exhibitions have gone beyond the usual boundaries that are regularly applied in fashion. From experts, style and design require high levels of creativity and critical thinking to develop a product that is exclusively different compared to others in the industry. Therefore, from the discussion, it is factual to say that the initiative taken by Force of Nature and Fashion from the Extreme is outstanding. The features incorporated in the exhibitions are of high creativity and their objective is unique hence using them in the fashion and design industry will enhance the growth and development of the sector. Additionally, they can be used in future to come up with more extensive and credible designs.


Looking at both designs, one of the similarities that is evident is that both exhibitions focused on associating their designs with nature. As mentioned earlier, during the early centuries, designers rarely viewed fashion from a natural perspective. However, as for Force of Nature and Fashion from the Extreme, the two exhibitions have embraced the use of both physical features and animated aspects in designing attires. Clearly, the level of creativity applied respectively is of enormous impact in the fashion and design industry.


However, despite the similarities in the exhibitions, differences are obvious. For instance, in the Force of Nature, the style is focused on designing attires from nature but only using natural plants such as fauna and flora. Fashion from the Extreme, on the other hand, is diversified, with its fashion designs inspirations ranging from oceans, mountain peaks, outer space and animal parts such as duck and goose feathers. Evidently, as much as two exhibitions had creativity similarities, their approach towards nature incorporation in fashion is different, creating a contrast between them.


In conclusion, it can be inferred that due to the inventiveness and significant thinking reflected in the Force of Nature and Fashion from the Extreme, the fashion and design industry has grown extensively. Currently, people have embraced various designs that have brought diversity in fashion and design, a factor that makes it possible for the business to satisfy varied needs of society. Therefore, appreciating the impact that both exhibitions have brought globally is necessary. As much as there exists a contrast between them, the similarity in creativity is substantial, and it is a reliable one for future fashion and design realizations.


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