Legalization of marijuana

Marijuana is a greenish-gray combination of dried Cannabis sativa flowers. It is also known as pot, hemp, ganja, bud, and herb (NIDA n.p). Marijuana has been found in studies to have a host of medicinal effects. In light of this, the aim of this piece is to offer insights into the risks, myths, and study of mortality relative to marijuana in comparison to other substances such as alcohol.
Cannabidiol, a compound found in marijuana, is responsible for preventing cancer from spreading. It alienates a chromosome known as Id-1 (Taatgen n.p). Additional replicas of this chromosome are created by cancer cells, which aid them to spread across the body. Cannabidiol reduces the expression of the Id-1 chromosome and halts its destructive spreaders. Thus, it can be used to develop a less costly medication for the killer disease that proletarian can afford; making the legalization of marijuana viable. Besides, the admixture is capable of countering the spread of Alzheimer’s disease using delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, which stagnate the production of amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme present in the brain from producing them (Taatgen n.p) If allowed to be produced, the plaques kill brain cells, leading to Alzheimer’s disease.
The contemporary treatment of hepatitis C is severe with unpleasant effects such as depression, loss of appetite, nausea, muscle soreness and mental exertion. Such effects can persist for several days and in many instances, discourage patients from completing their dose. However, marijuana is deemed to reduce such effects in addition to boosting the treatment’s effectiveness. Also, it keeps viral levels at a minimum among its users as compared to non-users. At this point, it becomes vital to ask ourselves the question, should marijuana be legalized? Yes because it will enable patients avert the unpleasant effects of the treatment associated with hepatitis C, hence, enable patients to complete their dosage.
I consent to the fact that marijuana cures inflammatory belly illness. Cannabidiol and THC chemicals merge with body cells that perform immune reactions and gut activities (Taatgen n.p THC compounds boost the intestines’ permeability unequivocally to inhibit the entry of bacteria. Precisely, cannabinoids derived from marijuana block the ones produced by the body to prevent bacterial in-take as they bond intestinal cells tightly. Accordingly, legalizing marijuana reduce bacterial infections greatly.
Excessive consumption of alcohol has fatal consequences compared to marijuana as convincingly shown by the number of alcohol-related death cases reported each year. Close to 88,000 alcohol-linked deaths are recorded annually. On the other hand, deaths associated with marijuana are approximately zero (Villa n.p). In fact, you would have to smoke between 238 and 1,113 joints in a day to overdose on marijuana, which is impossible.
It has been argued that marijuana is addictive just as heroin. Thus, its legalization will spur new pot smokers, instead of taking care of the current ones. However, it is important to understand that addictive capabilities of heroine are way too much compared to marijuana. Also, it has been argued that marijuana impacts one’s health negatively. The truth is that the elements in marijuana’s smoke reduce a few of the carcinogenic passage paths, unlike tobacco, which boosts them.
Up to this point, it is evident that marijuana has many health benefits. Its legalization will contribute greatly in solving some of the medical issues such as cancer, unpleasant effects of hepatitis C during medication, and get rid of belly illness that affects a great number of people. Consequently, the government should not hesitate in coming up with the necessary legislation to legalize this drug.
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