The informative discourse concerns the adverse impacts both in children and adulthood of violent video games. The reason for the speech is that the 20-year-old Adam Lanza took a primary school and killed 26 people after a consistent watching of violent video games. The Connecticut School scene. Violent video games bring about negative psychological and behavioral changes, such as the positive view of violence and violation which may lead to acts of violence in society. The primary aim of the speech is therefore to raise awareness of the impact of violent video games on the community. The speechwriter has done an excellent job in the chronological arrangement of the whole speech through the development of the general and specific purpose of the speech, identification of the target audience, the development of the thesis, identification of the problem, provision of scholarly evidence, and a conclusion to the speech. Furthermore, the address has maintained a focus on the adverse effects of violent video games throughout while citing evidence from various sources. Therefore, through maintaining focus on the topic, the speechwriter ensures the audience remains connected to the issue at hand during the process of speech delivery. The speech also contains relevant examples of violent movies that can improve the understanding of the audience on the topic. Therefore, a different individual can read the speech to the audience, and the message will be passed to the audience with the same effectiveness.
However, the informative speech lacks specific recommendation and action-driven initiatives or programs that can be suitable for countering the effect of violent video games on people. Creation of awareness should not only entail informing the public on the issues at hand, but also provide relevant alternatives and approaches to curbing the problem being raised. Additionally, the speech takes a general concept by involving children and adults thereby covering a larger scope. Therefore, the speech should focus on directing the issues to a specific age group or developmental stages such as childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Most parts of the speech also contain repetition, which can create boredom during speech delivery or show lack of in-depth research on the issue. Finally, the numbering of the speech should be improved to prevent any confusion during speech delivery.
Various parts of the speech require improvement before the delivery of the speech to the audiences. The speechwriter should engage in rewriting the speech and incorporate recommendations while also maintaining a focus on a specific age group or developmental stage. More research should also be undertaken to prevent a lot of repetition in the content of the speech as well as include different numbering systems for different parts to prevent confusion.
In conclusion, the informative speech focuses on creating awareness of the negative effects of video games to people in both childhood and adulthood. The speechwriter has done a good job on the arrangement of the speech and provision of scholarly evidence to support the claim. However, the speech requires improvements in numbering, the inclusion of recommendation and maintaining a focus on a given age group or developmental stage. Through the incorporation of these aspects into the speech, it will achieve its general and specific purposes. Violent videos affect the change of behavior through affecting the psychology of the individual watching them. Therefore, awareness to achieve avoidance is critical for preventing adverse outcomes.

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