2017 Social Video Sports Advertising Campaign Championship Playoffs for ESL AUCounter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) counter strike world offensive championship playoff will be contested in Melbourne on May 17, 2017. The ESL is an Australian regional sports league devoted to rehabilitating street children and developing the skills of the next generation (ESL, 2016). As a result of this noble cause, the league has gained notoriety throughout Australia and in neighboring countries. The league mostly focuses on e-gaming, and while many people are unaware of it, this is an example of a sport, much like normal football. The championship playoffs will therefore aim to introduce electronic video gaming as a sport and as a result try to schedule future championship as such on the Australian and New Zealand sports calendar. A lot of planning will be involved in preparing for the event as there will be a large group of important individuals attending the match. Such individuals include government representatives from the ministry of sporting and recreational activities. Welfare organization will also be in attendance and it is important that the day be a success so as to attract a large pool of sponsors who would be willing to drive us into the next generation of electronic sporting. The event will be held at PAX Australia which is the largest video gaming convention in the southern hemisphere (Wagner, 2016). The management has gone all the way to pull the strings and given gamers a chance to show case their skills in the heart of gaming.
Target audience and objectives

The playoffs aim in targeting three major audiences. These are
Football players who can easily learn the art of e-gaming and turn it into a profitable cause that will contribute positively towards the economy
Disadvantage children who are diehard fans of football and highly talented but lack the resources or space to attract their sporting talents
Sponsors who may be interested in taking e-gaming to the next level.

Tone of Voice
The tone of voice for the campaign will be short, concise and clear. Most of the target audience are familiar with the terms used in sports and therefore this will highly be employed. Abbreviations will only be used to refer to the team involved and technical terms will be avoided at all cost. This will ensure that everybody understands the campaign.
1.4 Unique selling point
By attending this playoffs, attendees will witness firsthand the launch of e-gaming and they will have a chance to see the future of sports in years to come due to the digitization age.
Key benefits
Hosting the playoffs will have various benefits. This include
They will help discover a large pool of talented people as those who feel they can play will be signed up and tested in various fields such as the knowledge of sports.
An important benefit is that it will attract groups that will sponsor e-gaming and take it to the next level which is the future of sports
Most proceeds go to charity and therefore the event will be for a charitable cause

2. Campaign
2.1. Executive summary
The ESL playoffs between various teams in Australia will be hosted by none other but Australia’s very own Chris Hemsworth so as to attract a large number of people. This is all part of the plan to attract more participants as well as reach a larger audience. Teams hoping to be in the playoffs should be aware of the rules of which each team will consist of five individuals and they should this not consist of 3 members of the same gender this is in a bid to promote equality and fairness throughout the competition. By doing this, ESL ensures that there will be gender equality even in future as e-gaming gains popularity.
2.2 Introduction
Active gamers in this competition will be given a chance to compete for group and individual prizes as the ESL league will keep stats of their skill set and teamwork as an overall. Active gamers will finally get a chance to show case their skills in the largest arena of gaming they will moreover enjoy proving their quality at this playoffs when confronted by different teams. This playoffs however will teat character quality and the experience of the professional players when met by other players in the game. Players will get to interact in the large event and share their insights on the future to gaming itself in the ESL. Additionally, players will converge to exchange different skill sets during game time. It is thus expected that the Hisense arena will thus be packed with different gaming sections to promote interactive play this is not an event to miss. Rookies to the gaming community will be given a basic preview of real time gaming and this will give them chance to acquire a new route of sports in e-gaming.
The 2017 Electronic Sports League of Australia will give a chance to those not in attendance to live stream the event. This will further capture a larger audience and leave a permanent imprint in gaming as a future of sport. History will be written on this day and captured videos of this day will be everlasting evidence of what happened. Attending the game in person is recommended but those who are unable need not to worry as several measures have been put in place to ensure they do not miss the fun.
2.3 Video advertisement
Those attending the event will have the opportunity to buy counter strike global offensive merchandise first hand. Those unlucky fans who will not be able to attend the event should not worry as they can order and buy their merchandise online. News of the event should start been spread six months prior the event to take place and this will offer suspense in the essence that this as video advertisement will be seen on ESL owned channels in a bid to promote awareness and spread publicity of the event before the actual day this will showcase a series of countdowns to the actual day to promote eagerness to the diehard fans and will also serve as a reminder to those attending the event to show up on the actual day. Video advertisement will be seen to stretch as far as the ESL youtube channel as of which it will grasp certain groups of the global community inviting them to either stream the event online or take a leap of faith and show up at the Hisense arena. Video advertisement of this event will feature a number of things such as how to enroll for the even the rules of the even how to buy tickets online and moreover the plot of the event. Suggestions are to use Chris Hemsworth in the same video advert he will cause great controversy in the gaming community and build a lot of excitement of being a celebrity host more than that the actual pitch as seen in the video would to capture more fans by use of his very own fan base.
2.4 Social media platforms
2.4.1 Facebook
The video should also showcase similar past competitions where gamers are seen to engage gaming of the counter strike global offensive game showcasing a newer arrival of a new game with improved features in the multiplayer games engaging gamers in a need and hunger to engage in the newer model at the Hisense arena. Its first sales should be debuted at stalls there as well this will present everyone a view of how much gaming has grown and envision a future to gaming as a sport.in advertisement this would boost our ratings in encashment of individuals to attend the event to be part of the first people to see the modern game. The engagement of new social media platforms would be the key to catching the eye to most people this should serve as a trending topic on social media platforms for a certain duration of time. In awaiting the material day for the event the ESL and sponsors to this event should use such platforms such as Facebook and twitter to post the events programs plot and activities there this is a good way of inciting everyone to attend the event. Facebook is aversely the largest social media platform there is and as so they target users with business related Facebook ads which grasp the audience with a powerful target. Its versatility allows us to engage followers and users from all the ages in society to view the event. . As seen below this Facebook advert serves as the best example of how social media platform send users into a frenzy under advertisement.

Figure 1: Example of a Facebook Advertisment (ESL 2016a)
2.4.2 Twitter
Twitter is the second largest growing media social media platform and it catches the attention of most of its society by making certain events trend with the numerous number of phrases used as hashtags it engages users in conversation which transcend into hot topics and thus has grown to show case live events as they happen. Esports and the esl league can thus use this to spread awareness and publicity of the event as the campaign goes on. The information provided here should entail ticket acquisition competition rules and the playoffs program.
The media should use a celebrity stars fanbase also as a tool to send awareness towards people as of which chris hemsworth shall post sneak previews of the much expected outcomes of this event this is the perfect way to sell out the tickets in due time as people will deem it amazing that a celebrity star will be apart of the event and of course people will show up to the event. This will be a part complete endorsement package laid out to the public in a bid to invite more people to come there. The ever rising social media platform instagram should thus be included in engnging the publc. Sponsors to the event and everyone a part of the event should thus spread the message showing the coming of a major gaming event at the hisense arena. Pictures of flyers should also be spread throughout instagram as instagram uses mostly pictures and short videos to capture its audience. Short videos of proffessional gamers enganging in the counter strike global offesnsive game should be thus also used to provide the viewers with an inside look to everything that will go on in the event.
3.1 Summary
The expected outcomes of this event are spreading the news that gaming is not just not time passing activity but a sport in itself this can only be done by enganging the competitors in this event with prizes after individual good results or collective team work results. The need to reward good results is the ideology behind sports itself which promotes the spirit of competition while building the need of more individuals to join the competion for their chances to win the prizes themselves. The management will also ask their participators and any one watching to engange socially on the experience of the event. Videos ofpeople at the event will also be taken in a bid to grasp the whole experience of the event. They shall also some snippets posted of th happennings of the events and will be a focal point on knowing how much of a success the event was. The whole theme of the event should be gaming as a sport and thus merchandise retailed in stalls at the hisense arena should be gaming related hoodies tshirts and suveniours at this stalls should have an imprint of the day where gaming as a sport was finally put on the australian new zealand calendar.
4.1 Conclusion
Social media marketting and advertisement has been proved to promote brand awareness this will serve to help the esl community grow and expund its name globally with this it will be viewed as a more serioius sport which will provide more people with the need to engage in the sport as well. Social media platforms also provide the people with a trust established connection which other wise promotes the viewers with a legit feeling of trust in the events intentions. Furthermore it will make the event hype up its ratings with the ever present online interaction of everyone attending the event.the use of social media platforms also builds credibility of the brand and this will go a long way into ensuring more and more fans are actively involved in tge event credibilty of the event thus plays an important role in earbing the peoples trust wen buying tickets to attend the event. Social media platforms such as twitter and facebook are also known to grow a long term audience and an ever exoanding fanbase dedicated to the expansion of gaming as a sport. This is themain vision of the to spread word that gaming is here an the future to sport. The results from this campaign and event should be enough to put the gaming event on the calendar. The use of social media platforms will also be cheaper since there are no charges for online advertising through this service the campaign will see out its closing stages with a large fan base destined to make the event a success.

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