Business laws and regulations by the government

Show me the Regulation?
Government regulations make sure that organizations adhere to the laws and acts in a socially responsible form.
Nevertheless, the debate about the government’s part in enhancing ethics is highly controversial. I submit that the founded laws and regulations greatly promote ethical exhibitions in various ventures. The only way with which organizational ethics can be sustained is the existence of laws that rule the activities of the establishments. Many organizations have recorded varieties of unethical features through few decades past, like tax-evasion, self-dealing, and treacherous activities. Nonetheless, the imminent laws deter these unethical characteristics and have imposed serious consequence on these undertaking. Thus, fundamental push of ethical behaviour is clearly the conception of the existence of government regulations. Therefore, the major drive of ethical behavior is evidently the existence of the legislation that discourages them. I believe that this position is sustainable as a state with no laws to govern the operations of a firm will have no say over the behavior of the firms. Consequently, companies will act unethically knowing that there are no legal repercussions of their actions.
When in Malaysia
The rules and regulations regarding how business work varies with countries and cultures. The ethical issues that I would consider would be ethical relativism and rational thinking. Ethical relativism suggests that societal difference is the leading cause of the lack of a rational means of determining the state of morality of an action. The colleague who gave an advice that whenever someone goes to Rome, he or she must conform to the roman way of life may have used this theory in his reasoning. However, ethical relativism must never be applied in making business decisions (“Ethical Relativism and Business”, 2012). Therefore, I would take rational thinking to guide my cause of action.
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