Taxation without representation is the mechanism where the government imposes taxation on a certain category of its people. This was done considering the fact that when the decision was taken, most of them did not consent or have the initial delegate to offer their opinions. The incident was an initiating event, leading to a rebellion against the British Monarchy by the original 13 American colonies. During this time, the license plates put on all limousines were one of the events paid. This brought protest in Washington D.C since it was unfair for working families in Washington D.C to work hard, pay the taxes, and raise their children without them having a vote in Congress. American politics face was forever changed in the year 1787.They started by drafting the U.S. statute by the group of state leaders and what followed was the decision of conducting the presidential elections without a bridge of a system commonly known as the Electoral College. Noteworthy, the Electoral College was formed by framers of U.S. Constitution as a concession for the presidential election process. Electoral College is still the necessary function of administrative function today, in order to avoid rigging of votes.
Notably, the similarity between federalist and anti-federalist is that both wanted some form of government. Ideally, they wanted the head of state to be voted in by the citizens, and they imposed rules on the Congress to have the veto power of creating unwarranted war, they were both made from Washington’s cabinet while the difference, Federalist wanted centralized government while anti-federalists wanted states rights. The Federalist intended to ratify the constitution while anti-federalist they did not want to approve the constitution. Therefore anti-federalist can be effective at efficiently operating the Federal government, since when voting on a particular issue at hand and they suggested that each state to act as a whole, and have one for each state. Ideally, Federalism refers to s compromise that was meant to eliminate any possible disadvantages of both systems where power is often shared by both the state and national governments. It is important to note that certain powers are designated by the constitution to be the domain of the central government but many others preferred the state governments.

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