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Back in 2001, a party of twenty-six refugees landed in the United States, but only twelve of them survived. I chose to concentrate on Reymundo Barreda and Luis Cercas. The circumstances that compelled these people to move are addressed here, along with concerns over what really compelled them to do so. Specifically, immigration has become a global issue, particularly in the United States, where Mexicans can freely cross the border and enter the country. However, immigration has its own set of difficulties that can befall refugees, as was the case with the fourteen nationals.
The Devil’s Highway is a true story about 26 Mexican immigrants who wanted to enter the United States. However, immigration has its own challenges that can befall the immigrants like it happened to the fourteen people.


The Devil’s Highway is a true story about 26 Mexican immigrants who wanted to enter the United States through Arizona desert. However, only twelve people made it alive while the others died. Intense desert conditions and dehydration weakened the people among other deeply and well-explained situations. Ideally, almost all these people had the same agenda of getting money to improve their lives. The most horrifying situation was the Devil’s Highway in the desert of Arizona. This went on to mark the greatest number of deaths known as the Yuma 14 in a border-pass. However, this also helped reveal the true relationship between the American border patrol and the Mexican immigrants. (Guides and Highway, 2017)


Reymundo Barreda is 56 years old and was one of the immigrants that witness the encounter with the Devil’s highway. Ideally, he decided to go head to the north on a mission to build his wife a roof on their house. He was on a mission of exploring his curiosity of picking oranges from the north. Reymundo had a child who was fifteen years old and as a sign of loyalty, the boy decided to accompany his dad on the journey. Luis Cercas, on the other hand, lives in a family that practices of human trafficking in Arizona. Luis had contacts in Illinois, California, and Florida. They started experiencing problems with the border patrol agents in Southern Arizona where there are dead bodies of men, women, and children burned by the scorching sun. Both of these fell into the deceits of Drug smugglers who promised them money for the deal. Reymundo saw this as an opportunity to get a job where he will get money to finish their house as a loving gesture to his wife.

Presumably, as the men walked in the desert they got heavily dehydrated while the sun fiercely burned them. Apparently, the situation was so hard that it even made them forget where they came from and where they were going. Their lips were cracking due to lack of water with their eyes filled with specks of dust from the desert.  (Help and Highway, 2017)

During the journey, Luis Cercas forms a group known as the Yuma 14 whom he eventually leads them to their deaths. The man abandons the crew in the forest and the members end up all dead. Since the Cercas family was responsible for shipping the walkers to all parts of the country, Luis Cercas is received with a jubilant family. In spite the fact that those men and women consciously desired to slip with the useful resource of the United States, they neglected safety precautions that they needed in the desert. Clandestinely, they ended up finding themselves susceptible to the bodily and emotional traumatic situations of crossing the border vicinity in an illicit way. Anonymity also can be understood as a discursive role this is imposed on determining the undocumented migrant by using the manner of the dominant cultural narratives of globalization. Reymundo Barrera held his son while he died in his arms. This shows the consequences that immigration can lead to. Poverty and drugs that made these immigrants go to the North cost most of the lives. In 2015 immigrants in the United States of America was more than forty-three point three million. Most of these immigrants are drug Smugglers that smuggle drugs from Mexico to the US.

Ideally, Mexico is stricken with poverty and most of the people like Reymundo Barreda immigrated to look for a job that could provide him with cash to build his wife a roof. This is equivalent to 13.5% according to my case study from the American Survey data (ACS). However, from a recent report back in 2016, immigrants were 27% of the general population of the United States which is around 84.3 million people. As written in Devils Highway walkers complete this processing by going to places like North Carolina. There is a pickup point where smugglers and walkers meet. Drug smuggling is made easy like a walk in the sun as these smugglers tell the walkers. These immigrants who may end up in North Carolina can up in businesses like making cigarettes. At the end of the day, these immigrants will keep on increasing till the American population rate of citizens will be recorded lower as compared to that of the immigrants.

The absence of a wall between America and Mexico is what has influenced immigration more. Efforts by the Trump government to build a wall has ironically, created tension and might start a revolution. Even though immigration is quite unacceptable it is surprising that a portion of America’s population does not support this move. Immigration is more political than social. It can positively or negatively the nation. There was no main difference between the two cases.

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