Letter on hoe All Quiet on the Western Front

Hello, my one and only mother. I hope all is good with you. We are still doing well, despite the fact that the trip is much more difficult. On this trip, there are several events that do not go unnoticed. Despite the difficulties, we remain optimistic that it will turn out better in the end. Every now and then, I come across a dilemma. There are endless squabbles and destructions going on. Much of this can be applied to my present case. This period is therefore of great significance in my life as a whole.
There is Great War that is still going on and my spirit of fighting has not yet faded away. I still have that desire to emerge victorious at the end of everything since we have to keep fighting. However, the war has really brought about so many diverstating effects on the community as a whole. This has mainly affected some of the humanity of the soldiers. Throughout the war, there are romantic ideals of war that are forever evident. There is also trench warfare horror which has appeared to be a reality. However, the spirit of patriotism has really affected the soldiers since it won’t allow them to fight. This belief has turned out to be hypothetical. The soldiers are therefore obliged to fight. They have to ensure that their lives are fully protected and as a result they must be able to survive.
There are so many ways that we use as soldiers to fight for their survival. The soldiers have to ensure that they have found ways of fining somewhere to stay at the beginning. We also have to work hard so that they can find someone to eat. We also have to look for the clothes to wear during the war something which is not easily achieved. We also have to look for ways through which they can avoid the gunfire. The bombs have also become a threat to us. Therefore, we have to keep ourselves very much tuned so that all these do not find their way into our lives. Protection has therefore become our key survival policy. The friendship between me and my fellow soldiers has also become of great help to me since it has turned out to a reality. This war has turned out to be an ultimate betrayal. This is done especially to the younger generation.
Another effect of war is that there has been constant betrayal. I feel that I have seen the reality of this especially from the older generations. This has forced me to resent so much and also I have turned out to be disregarding. The older generations have been mainly fighting so that they can have glory instead of helping the younger soldiers of my age. It has therefore been a diverstating experience in my life as a soldier. These betraying generations have not experienced any form of compartments. They have turned out to be unfaithful despite the fact that we have really helped them in various areas.
The war has also led to deaths of different people. Many of my friends have really died in the whole process of war. This has happened due to the conditions of war. The conditions has entrenched them a great deal since the conditions are much awful.
Yours sincerely,

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