Zero Dark Thirty

Movies, which consist of images depicting human stories, are one of the most common types of entertainment. Most people remember them as works of fiction on a subconscious level, but what they don’t realize is that movies do affect how they think to some extent. Good movies like Zero Dark Thirty have shown that public opinion can be swayed, with confidence in the American government skyrocketing after the film’s release. As a result, movies, regardless of genre, play a role in shaping people’s expectations and can influence how they interact with one another and their surroundings. One can see the role movies play in educating people by looking at reactions to films like Zero Dark Thirty, which is a representation of the US intelligence community. After the release of the film which depicted American Triumph many citizens felt safer and commended the government for finally capturing Osama bin Laden. The effect that movies have was illustrated in a study conducted at the University of Dayton. In the study the students were required to fill in questionnaires which showed what opinions they had regarding the government. Michelle Pautz the professor in charge of the study came

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