Why do we need Weight Watchers points?

The increased global awareness on healthy eating as a basis of preventing lifestyle diseases is responsible for the establishment of weight watchers points. The concept is based on the calories in and calories out to enable the food consumer have knowledge of the nutritional content of the food that are taking and the calories in each food content (Rogers et al, Ib230). The desirability to meet a given weight is a major drive established by many people with the need to stay healthy and maintain a desirable physique. The question that this essay answers goes, Why do we need weight watchers points to be on a diet?

Weight watchers has grown form concept that was to help people on how to cut weight to a reputable company that has been approved by the medical professionals. The intent of the Weight watchers subscribers is to ensure that the target populace achieve and maintain a body mass index between 20 to 25. The programs that are run by the organization include the online self-support group and meetings with the local community. Therefore, there is need to a certain if the self-support programs that are promoted by the weight watchers community can be effectively implemented by an individual through self-discipline.

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Self-discipline in relation to cutting weight would require one to be accountable to the diet content that has been approved by the program. Being assigned specific points that one has to accomplish often requires one to have strict adherence to the diet that he or she utilized and further ensure that he or she does not go beyond the set target (Madigan, et al, e131). Therefore, keeping the strict conformity to the diet is only possible to people whose schedule is now busy, those who do not travel often and can track all their meals and the middle class who can afford to buy the various types of foods that are recommended. Self-discipline is only accomplished when the individual who has subscribed to the pattern has the intent of steadily reducing weight and doing exercised. However, there are a set of setbacks that proved why we do not need weight watchers points.

First, enrolling in the program is relatively expensive, based on the amount of money and time that one has to spend to get the points. Second, where group meetings are recommended, to discuss the points, some people may shy away owing to the need to maintain their confidentiality. Third, maintaining the weight watchers points may require one to track the progress of weight loss on a weekly basis which may be cumbersome to some people. The decisions to manipulate the smart points from the assign weight watchers points could lead one to even eat foods that are less nutritious. Therefore, where the setbacks arise, there is need to discuss the alternative remedy that ought to be done to remodel the program.

There is need to inform the public on how they can keep healthy without having to adhere to the routine foods that adds or takes away their points. The recommendation of the types of foods that one has to eat or not eat should be issued to the subscribers of the program (Madigan, et al, e133). Additionally, there is need to lay emphasis on programs such as physical exercises that could still enable people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Concisely, a meal plan needs to be added to the program.


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