Who are Muhammad, Abu Bakhr, and Ali and what was Their Role in the Islamic Faith?

Who are Muhammad, Abu Bakhr, and Ali and what was Their Role in the Islamic Faith?

The Muslim religion is based on the beliefs of Prophet Mohammed. Passing the faith required the assistance and succession to ensure growth. Abu Bakr and Ali played this vital role.

Muhammad, a Muslim prophet, was born in 570 CE in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Muslim community believes that he was the last prophet through whom faith was revealed to humanity and the word of God was revealed to the people and recorded to become the Qu’ran. He is known to have received the message that no other God is to be worshipped except for Allah.

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Abu Bakr, Muhammad’s close companion, was the first person to accept conversion into Islam outside Muhammad’s family. He believed in Muhammad’s revelation, risking his businesses due to the hostility provoked by conversion. He was a great and influential messenger of the Islamic belief who has reached and converted a wide number of people. After the death of Muhammad, he was given the responsibility of leading prayers in the mosque (Madelung, 2006).

Ali was a son-in-law to Muhammad and was his fourth successor. Consequently, he became the first Imam. Ali recited the beliefs of the Prophet to the people and was a scribe who wrote down the Qur’an as had been revealed to Muhammad. He participated in battles to protect the Muslim religion and the prophet. He established the agreements that brought peace among the people (Madelung, 2006).

It is fundamental to appreciate the role of the three men in the establishment of the Islamic religion. They began the journey of Muslim faith, and by their virtue the Qur’an was written. Nowadays, it is the guide that leads all Muslim believers.



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