What is the Role of Freedom of Speech in Society?

In the undertaking of this assignment, the specific focus is vested upon reflecting and formulating five questions regarding the essential question, “what is the Role of Freedom of Speech in Society?” The reflection will be based on the course material of “The Coddling of the American Mind” by Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff.

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Reflection of the Article

The article is about a movement formed by both college and university students to prevent the use of words or statements that might cause psychological torture to a given group of students. The statements might include both political and sexual-based issues. For instance, the article by professor Laura Kipnis on sexual paranoia resulted in mixed reactions from diverse students. After its publication and criticism, the article was subjected to an investigation where some students were affected by the article. In the article, two words are brought forward in connection with the freedom of speech in universities. The two words include microaggressions and trigger warnings. As per the article, microaggressions mean the words used with no malicious intent but are instead thought of as violent. Trigger warnings mean the words used in universities that would cause psychological torture to those affected by the issue of discrimination. The article states that the main aim of the movement is to protect students from psychological torture, whether verbally or on social media. The paper concludes by stressing the various ways postulated by the movement regarding preventing psychological harm to college and university students.

Questions Posted

  • How does the movement affect the freedom of speech across colleges and universities across the country?
  • How does the criticizing of Professor Laura Kipnis affect the freedom of expression among professionals in the institutions of higher learning?
  • How does the microaggression word regulation affect the upholding of speech freedom?
  • How does the trigger warnings regulation affect the freedom of expression in university classes?
  • How does the prevention of students’ psychological torture interfere with the freedom of speech in universities?