What is the Most Important Thing that Can Be Done about the Problem of Climate Change at This Point in History?

“Climate change” is a term that has been used to describe the changes in global weather that is associated with an increase in global temperatures. Climate change has been a widespread topic of discussion in recent years. The main cause of climate change has been attributed to the emission of greenhouse gases, majorly carbon and methane. It is a serious challenge as it is well known of causing serious effects such as prolonged drought and shrinking of ice sheets, which has impacted the world population. This paper is aimed at discussing ways of fighting greenhouse gases (methane and carbon) as the leading cause of climate change. It will give a brief discussion on how the gases have affected climate and why it has been referred to be a major cause of climate change.

Most of the greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere are generally related to energy consumption, and the most common gas emitted is carbon. Studies have indicated that the United States of America is the leading emitter of energy-related carbon dioxide. Most nations, being significant emitters of carbon dioxide (CO2), largely rely on petroleum, coal, and natural gas for energy (McKibben n.p.). The leading sectors that have been accused of producing the largest amount of CO2 are electric power generation plants, transportation sector, industrial sector, and commercial and residential sectors. The amount of the emissions has been noted to be on the rise each year, resulting in the need of a serious solution to handle the issue at hand.

The single and the most important thing that can be done to solve climate change is to mobilize and fight the emission of carbon at an international level. There are several ways which can be put in place to ensure that carbon and other greenhouse gases emissions are reduced. The first way in which this issue can be approached is by carbon pricing and taxes (Cheng n.p.). A good example can be drawn from Microsoft. The company has placed an internal tax on their energy usage, and the money collected from the taxation goes directly to projects that promote environmental sustainability. The company is defining the carbon pricing program among its priorities. It has also used a given percentage of the money collected from the pricing to build solar panels and wind farms (McKibben n.p.). Therefore, in just three years, Microsoft has reduced its emissions to about 7.5 million metric tons of CO2, and it has been noted that an estimated amount of ten million has been saved through reduced energy consumption. Companies should emulate Microsoft and imitate the carbon pricing strategy that ensures that healthy environmental practices are followed voluntarily.

Another way of fighting carbon emission worldwide is by involving governments. Governing bodies of different countries should come up with strict regulations on carbon emission with the aim of reducing its emission (Arora and Joe n.p.). In 2015, in the USA, the Senate democrats introduced a bill that promoted the imposition of tough regulation to control emissions (McKibben n.p.). Governments should, therefore, support all efforts that are aimed at reducing or fighting carbon emissions. The governments should also put in place strict regulations that govern emissions, and they should ensure companies and other sectors that contribute to the emissions strictly follow them. Moreover, world leaders should raise concerns on the emission of these harmful gases. Leaders, such as Pope Francis and President Barak Obama, have been on the forefront calling for action from the entire world to fight climate change (McKibben n.p.).

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Studies have also indicated that the best way to compact carbon emission is through shifting to environmentally friendly sources of energy. This, therefore, calls for a greater commitment to move the world beyond fossil fuel and solve a climate change issue. This can be achieved when governments increase their spending on research and developments that concern new, environmentally friendly forms of energy (McKibben n.p.). The efforts should be concentrated in the study of the patterns of energy. In the past centuries, a great achievement has been attained through the shift from oil and coal to natural gas. If more research can be conducted concerning the same, new alternatives will be discovered (McKibben n.p.). Governments should focus on funding basic research that will, alternatively, provide numerous issues. For instance, governments are spending a lot of funds on cancer projects and other issues at hand. Placing more efforts on research to come up with environmentally friendly energy is a way of solving the root cause of most of the tragedies. The study will provide a solution that would not be found elsewhere; hence; it is worth investigation.

In the process of shifting to environmentally friendly means of energy production, such as the use of solar and wind plants, companies can also embrace adsorption. It is a process of developing several solid adsorbents that effectively capture CO2, such as porous carbon, zeolites, and micro-porous organic polymers. The advantages of the solid adsorbents are low cost, availability, and ability to absorb big volumes of CO2 (Joos et al. 2480). Due to its environmentally friendly nature, cheap price, and effectiveness, their usage has become one of the most efficient means of carbon reduction. Another viable option is absorption of carbon dioxide where the released gas is compressed for transportation and storage. Generally, companies and individuals should solely focus their efforts on developing and using renewable sources of energy that have less concentration of carbon (McKibben n.p.).

In conclusion, if the issue of climate change has to be addressed, there is a call to get into its root cause. The issue at hand is that greenhouse gases need an immediate remedy to deal with them and ensure their emission to the atmosphere is lowered. Governments should come up with regulations that restrict different sectors on the emission of harmful gases. Governments and non-governmental bodies should focus their efforts on combating climate change by investing in programs that help address the issue of climate change. Further, there is a great need to focus more on research and comparison studies to ensure that new forms of energy are discovered. Generally, an alternative way to solve or fight this issue is for individuals and companies to make it their priority to use the energy sources that do not emit carbon. The time the world will realize or come up with effective means of addressing the greenhouse gases issue is when it will win over the war of climate change.


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