What is a Literary Analysis

Literary criticism is all about reading and analyzing any literary work for a clear understanding of their background setups and their meanings as well. The analysis is done based on the literary techniques that need to be used in any fictional work. Literary works include poems, short stories, and narratives among others. In any case, where one is asked to critically analyze a literary work it all calls for doing it argumentatively. It should all take different versions since we all have different understandings of the stories we read or of the literary works we come across. The paper is going to analyze a literary work basing its arguments on the critical points of literature.

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From the narrative, the narrator is the first person from the way the description has been started. The narrator is said to be the first person because he is telling the story directly to the reader. So, in this case, the narrative has been presented by the storyteller who may probably no be the author. Additionally the description has been presented politely. The tone is low and has no harsh words used. In other words, it is a persuasive tone that is describing something that is of value.

On the other hand, the attitude in this narrative is so positive and encouraging. Going through the story, we get a clear sense of the storyteller who may also be a character in this case. The narrative voice, in this case, creates a mental picture in the reader as well.

The irony is usually the opposite of what is expected at a particular time of events. For instance, in this short story, it realized that it is based on irony at large. There is a dramatic irony that has been shown by the characters. In the flow of events, there is so much reaction and action that a reader expects from the characters, but none of this takes place. Additionally, irony has been used to give the precise meaning of the short story. We get to understand that in some situations there may be rejections and not everything that we yearn for may freely come our way. Literary, authors, employ this literary technique to be able to pass the right information to their readers. It proves that at times the reader feels disappointed or surprised by what takes place in a story or narrative through irony. When critically analyzing a literary work, it is essential to understand its historical or cultural context as well. Through this, the reader will be at a position to note the cultural background of the story and make a contemporary relation to it. By doing all this, the reader will get to understand the meaning and purpose of a specific literary work.

In conclusion, carrying out a literary criticism is way vital for it aids in understanding the meaning of these works. Not only do we read these works to have their implications but they as well give us moral lessons of what we encounter in our daily lives. Besides through literary techniques such as irony, we get to learn that we should be bold and expect anything in life. Besides, it helps in realizing how literary techniques are implemented to bring out the precise meaning of the works. Additionally reading these literary works expand our minds and help us learn much to do with writing through the poems, short stories and narratives among others.