What are the different technical processes artists use to make art? Why do artists choose specific materials and tools to make works of art?

Technical processes are the methods used for making artwork; this process includes; painting, mixed media, photography, print, sculpture and drawings. For each technical process, different materials and tools are used for making arts such as stone carving, pens, pencils charcoal, oil painting, watercolor, canvas, mahl stick, and many others. The thesis of this question is to discuss various technical processes and why artists choose different materials used for making artwork.

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Painting, this is one of the most art-forms, it contains many styles from abstract shapes to portraitures. Also consists of many ways to indicate paintbrush to canvas. Oil painting has been the moderate favorites for many counties because of its long-lasting color with various techniques of usage. Most of the artists prefer this process because it is used to protect buildings and structures from the affection of the sun and also houses to prevent water seeping into the wood. In painting, artists choose materials such as brush which is used for painting and cleaning things, a fixative chemical used for painting, oil paint that contains oil for painting and paintbrush that is used for putting paint on the surface. Another process is photography; this is a way to capture the paint scene in the light. Tools like phones and cameras are used to take photographs in the world in a different light. Some artists choose this process as it requires technical knowledge and skills only of taking photos it does not consist of all of the materials, unlike painting.

Drawing, this is a well-recognized art form, it is more than to sketch ideas. The drawing depicts a wide area of possibilities in the purpose of styles and also easier power of putting pencil to paper. The pencil is the main material used in drawing and many others such as sketchbooks, charcoal, erasers, blending stump and many more. Artists choose those materials because drawing helps to create thoughts and increase observational knowledge and skills of the course develops ideas of visual artwork in all mediums (Barone, 2011). Printing which is the method of transferring the impression of something from the surface to another surface. Artists choose this process as it contains materials that are not complicated for use but only requires training and knowledge. The sculpture is another technical process which is the oldest art-forms that contains sculpted stone and figures of the past. It involves the carving of stones, wood and ivory bone into a hard surface. Most artists choose materials according to the technical processes there are using for doing artwork, for example, photography artists should use cameras or phones to capture photos in a light, unlike drawing process which requires sketchbooks and other items like a pencil for drawing to be conducted.


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