Volunteering with Windsor Salvation Army


Salvation Army in Canada is an evangelical church that serves the community through a number of programs and charity work. At its core, the church is driven by the motto “giving hope today”. It has operated for quite a long time depicting the expertise and knowledge of its leaders, it began operating in Canada in the year 1882 and has grown exponentially in the recent past serving more than 400 communities not only in Canada but also Bermuda (Le Feuvre and Cathy and William and Catherine). The first Salvation Army meeting was held in Nova Scotia in Canada, in March 24th, 1881. On his way to England, George Scott Railton stopped over to rest and held a Salvation Army meeting, due to his diligence and handwork, he worked so hard that he missed his boat to England. After missing his boat, he decided to remain in Canada and preach, later that year, Salvation Army was successfully established in Canada. Salvation Army in Canada is a center that is endowed with staff that have a vast knowledge and expertise in the area, they are also well seasoned and have Christ like values of compassion on those in need in the society. The center is also effective due to the fact that they carry out their role not only innovatively but also effectively so as to ensure effective treatment and support of the people. The center grabs every opportunity to help people, it is open and willing to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with their clients through charity works.

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Background information of Salvation Army

There is a myriad of things that face the today’s society; these issues such as poverty, addiction, diseases, disasters and some like homelessness devastates people to the core (Zeemering and Eric S 119-140). Why would the world be in such turmoil when there are good people out there to help make the society a better place? Salvation Army has come out in the midst of the theses turmoil to make the world a better place by offering tis services such as teaching the people of good ways of living and donating resources to help the less privileged people in the society such as the homeless and those that live in poverty. Salvation Army strives to achieve its goals by donations, contribution and setting up churches, schools and institutions that fight poverty, ensure social welfare and adult rehabilitation. It is a non-governmental organization that serves a wide variety of fields ranging from social services directly, reducing homelessness, poverty and helping people that are addicted to vices get through them. It is widely known providing mobile programs and aid to people that are hit by disasters or even those that are homeless. Salvation Army is one of the largest not governmental provider of social services not only in Canada but also globally. It has a vast knowledge and expertise in the community needs, their dedication and diligence enables it provide approximately about 2.8 million meals globally every year. Salvation Army envisions to being a ministry that is centered on the love of Christ and shows this by doing a ministry that meeting requirements of all people that need a helping hand in the society.

What Windsor Salvation Army does for the community in Ontario, Canada

Salvation Army in Canada has permanent facilities that employs a wide variety of employees ranging from corps to social service providers. There are permanent facilities such as corps community centers, summer camps, thrift stories and social services centers helping the organization to meets its objectives of helping the society. The adult rehabilitation center helps Salvation Army to rehabilitate people that are addicted to many things ranging from drugs, alcohol and other vices. Salvation Army is filled with compassion to serve the society not only with love but also a deep understanding of their needs; this enables the society have donations throughout the year (Rosinbum & John 31.2). There are many meetings that are designed to educate various members of the society of importance of programs such as the Canadian army. “Passing the Torch” event that mainly meant for the young people of the society and is designed to educate the young members of the society about the key things such as the importance of Canadian military. The younger generations are taught about the importance of the peace keeping mission of the Canadian Military Service. Theme of the event is mainly focused on promoting the importance of peacekeeping where more than 500 schools from the area attended. There are many programs therein making it hard for you to miss what is meant for you; this is due to the fact that even retirees have their function in Emergency & Disaster Services for Ontario Great Lakes. At its core the club enables the members learn a lot about the ministry and are becoming members soon. The club shall work with Salvation Army especially doing disasters by communicating to the members through their already established radio room not far from Windsor Community & Rehabilitation Centre.

Why volunteer with Windsor Salvation Army?

There are many benefits of joining Windsor Salvation Army, one would be the fact that it equips you with the necessary knowledge in the field of disaster management where one is trained to help people who are hit by disasters. If you are the kind of person that love to help people in the society, then Windsor salvation army is just the place for you; this is due to the fact that it enables you achieve more with so little. It allows you to serve the community and those in need together with people that have the same passion as you. Salvation Army enables you do the same without much struggle because it is endowed with resources that are geared towards helping the people. It would not be necessary to go through the hurdle of finding the right way of serving those in needs when all you need to do is join Salvation Army and serve the community in a greater measure than you could on your own.


In the current times when the world needs s hand to help, if there could be people out there to manage and direct the efforts of these people that have the passion to help, much would be achieved. Windsor Salvation Army meets the needs of the people in the community by helping them not only meet their needs but also improve the quality of live by application of Christian founding principle and the love of Christ (Haykin and Michael AG and Ian Hugh Clary 170). It is one of the rare organizations that is dedicated to serving the needs of the people through donations of the members and other groups that have the same agenda. The vast knowledge and expertise of the staff therein makes Salvation Army not only effective but also efficient in its operations and service provision.


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