Vitamins and Mineral Assignment

The multivitamin that I took into consideration used to be Vitamin A and beta carotene. It is an anti-oxidant vitamin that contains Vitamins A, C, and E and it is viewed to possess anti-cancer properties. The Vitamin A provided is essential in eyesight and imaginative and prescient but taking too much of is hazardous and is viewed to be toxic and it may motive serious side effects. This multivitamin may no longer be appropriate to me since it has little or no gain at all on my body and it is an additional danger of the harm it causes. Ordinary, as presumed by people, dietary supplements do not boost the immune system on a person’s body, they don’t reduce stress and neither do they prevent other diseases or stress. As a result, there are natural foods that are recommended and supplements if not prescribed by a doctor should be ignored.

Supplements cannot replace the entire nutrients intake by the body which is provided by fruits and vegetables. The benefits of whole foods are that they have great nutrition, provide essential fiber needed by the body and they possess protective substances altogether (Navarra, Tova 17). An example of the food that can replace these vitamins is spinach. This is because, by taking 100 grams of spinach will have more nutritious value and a lot of vitamins A, B, C, E and they also have some of the essential minerals such as calcium and iron.

According to the DRI provided, calcium and phosphorus are considered to be very high. If calcium is taken on an empty stomach, it may lead to the overproduction of gastric acid which may be hazardous and a cause of ulcers. Having too much calcium in the blood caused by these supplements may lead to a poor kidney function. On the other hand, hyperphosphatemia which is the high levels of phosphate in blood is dangerous if there is a continuous consumption where they may interfere with the treatment of thyroid hormone replacement.

Work cited

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