united states and gay rights

The United States of America has been reluctant to grant gay and lesbian people equal rights. This is due to the fact that many Americans trusted in religious cultures and diverse traditional norms that found homosexuality to be an evil spirit. Many people from different states viewed marriage equality as a loss to society, although some contended that it did not help domestic relationship advantages. President Trump was a member of the team that rejected marriage equality, which created a conflict of interest between him and Hillary Clinton during the presidential race. The battle whether gays and lesbians should be accepted in the US communities has been on heat causing a lot of discrimination from nearly all religions. Even after legalizing the gay marriage in all the 50 states in 2015, politics has still culminated the court ruling leading to discrimination of gays when looking for apartments, applying for jobs or buying items from stores.

In support of the rights of gays and lesbians, the state governments, courts of law, and the federal government must collaborate and come up with uniform policies. The courts of law have worked tirelessly since 1970 to provide a clear understanding of the marriage right that did not specify gender. They had therefore been used by different states such as Pennsylvania to legalize the same-sex marriage before the 2015 Supreme Court ruling. In protecting the rights of gays and lesbians, the state government would also play a significant role in integrating all the concerned bodies including the gay, lesbian, and religious communities. The state laws will provide a good direction in dealing with cases of discrimination.

Many government policies have been set aside to deal with the violation of rights of gays and lesbians. One of the policies established by the federal government is found in the civil right laws that protect lesbian and gay employees from discrimination at the workplace. There is, however, a customer non- discrimination act that will be specific on prohibiting discrimination based on sex, gender, and sexual orientation. The adoption of children raised by the married couples of the same sex is also legal. This also came into action following the Supreme Court ruling in 2015. Hate crimes based on sexual orientation are also prohibited and are punishable by the federal law. This law came under the Hate and Crime Prevention Act of 2009.

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