Types of Thinkers

There are different types of personalities. After several online tests, I have come to the recognition that I am an idealist. Idealist are people who see the world as magnificent. They always think that each situation has a positive side and dream of making the universe a higher place where people will stay happily. Idealists like to thinks about the future. Below is a further description of my character.
Character Traits
In most cases, they talk of the truth, peace and love. They love proving and disapproving theories. They show little subject for daily activities but are greater fascinated by the bigger picture.
Idealists attempt to be authentic. They hate pretending to agree with an idea that they are totally against and they get stressed when they have to. They are not interested in societal norms and fitting in; they long to be appreciated for their individuality and uniqueness (Moser). They do not like wearing uniforms just because the rules indicate that everyone has to look the same. However, they will wear them to impress the people they value such as authoritative figures.

As students, the subjects that interest them are the ones encouraging personal growth for both themselves and the people around them. They are enthusiastic about helping others in the learning process. They enjoy discussions but only in small groups. They generally focus on the big pictures and are fond of using metaphors to drive their point home.

As teenagers, they have an interest in activities which involve creativity such as arts, drama club and writing article for newspapers and magazines. They tend not to follow the conventional way of dressing and behaviour. They also love their privacy and are often contemplating the deeper meaning of life.

In their adult life, they are caring and warm towards their loved ones and are more concerned with their personal development rather than physical requirements. They also have very strong intuitions and like knowing the motivation behind people’s actions and beliefs. Idealists are the perfect candidates for diplomatic roles since they will use their intuition advantageously.

Idealists are very empathic individuals. They love work that includes teaching, psychology and counselling. They have a way of integrating compassion in their daily life even when they work in sectors such as accounting. They can put themselves in the shoes of an individual with a certain problem and feel sorry for them.

As spouses and lovers, they tend to be very considerate. They take interest in the needs of their partners and will often try to address them. They have a tendency to suffer in silence in situations where they are unable to explain the issues to their partners in a way that they will understand. They are almost obsessed with the idea of harmonious relationship. However, this is not always a good thing since they can stay in an unhappy relationship for a long time before they decide to quit. They tend to be attracted to rational individuals due to their intellect.

Strengths of Idealists

Their value for harmony. These individuals do not care about controlling other people and are not domineering. They are mostly democratic and believe that everyone’s opinion is valid.

Flexible and open minded. They do not like unnecessary rules. They can also consider other people’s opinions as long as they do not contradict their own ideas and principles. They also support others in doing the right thing.

Creative. Their intuitive personality and open mindedness allows them to view things from different perspectives. Most of them are celebrated authors and poets.

Energetic and passionate. When they are interested in something, they tend to put a lot of dedication, time, emotions and thoughts into a project. They are shy so they stay away from the limelight but are available whenever anyone needs help.

Hardworking and dedicated. They are known to look beyond the hurdles when pursuing a project. Their focus on the future helps them through tough times. The fact that they are doing something important and meaningful and has purpose keeps them going until they achieve their goals.

Weaknesses of Idealists

Too idealistic. They often think of a perfect world yet this is not realistic. They idolize their loved ones and get very disappointed when things don’t work out.

In relationships, they have the idea of a perfect relationship. This is difficult for their partners since no one is perfect. Therefore, this puts too much pressure on their partners (Bagley).

Take matters personally. When criticized, they tend to take things personally instead of thinking about where they went wrong and correcting their mistakes. In order to avoid conflict, they put so much energy into aligning their ideas with others so that a mutual ground is reached.

They are not factual. They are so interested in the big picture that they do not deal with data and facts. They make decisions based on feelings and morality. They often struggle to make sound decisions when the information available is not in line with their principles (Balkis).

Reasons for Adopting Idealism

Idealism is a positive way of life. It encourages love and acceptance of different individuals. Therefore, it contributes to world peace and avoids unnecessary conflicts.

Idealism also contributes to creativity. Creative individuals contribute to world innovations such as telephones and internet, thus making life much easier.

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