‘Tuesdays with Morrie’

A. Morrie’s views on Death

From an individual perspective, Morrie owns an amazing attitude towards death, and this helps him work through the enormous challenges. From an analytical perspective, Morrie is a good man with a positive attitude towards life in general. For instance, Morrie tells Mitch that every individual is aware that they will one day die. Morrie views death as a normal occurrence and a stage in everyone’s life-cycle. Morrie’s response to Mitch’s question on how one can be prepared to die is intriguing, and from that his attitude towards death is evident. The philosophical response that Mourrie gives Mitch that, ‘every day, one must ask the bird on his shoulder if that day is a day he will live’ (Albom, Mitch). From this quote, it is arguable that Morrie adopts a casual approach towards death, but he evidently shows the importance of the same by positing that, “it is only once a person knows how to die that he can then know how to live.” (Albom, Mitch). The idea by Morrie that nobody thinks they will die shows the inherent self-denial that occurs among people. Finally, according to Mourrie accepting that you will die one day makes you best prepare and hence you begin to live, this is a unique attitude towards death, and one can learn a lot from this school of thought.

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B. Individual thoughts and experience related to the issue.

From an individual perspective, I believe that death should not be considered as something outside our imaginations. I completely I agree with Morrie that we should prepare for death, and it is only when we do this that we can begin to live a fruitful life. From my experience, I have witnessed relatives become critically affected both financially and emotional due to bereavement or death of a loved one. Considering, Morrie’s view on death this situation can be avoided and with adequate preparations.


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