The Use of Quotes in Slaughterhouse Five Novel

Slaughterhouse-five novel combines fictions elements based on science with critical analysis of human condition from an absurd perspective, using time travel as a plot device. The author relates the plot of the novel to real life or makes it clearer by using the actual life experience and phrases from other stories or books. They say, so it goes is one of the most used phrases in the book. It is based on the mortal existence and whatever tralfamadsorians say whenever something or someone dies. Real life experience is used in the novel. An example is the smell of alcoholic breath and mustard seed. The saying is commonly utilized in the story to describe either a drunkard’s breath or the smell of a rotting corpse. The author brings in comments or phrases from other articles to criticize a situation in the novel, or to pass information, or to compare characters in a critical manner either to encourage them or discourage them. An example is the phrase you are just babies, which is used to criticize the freshmen in the war. It is used to pass a message that war needed the determined and experienced men. The fearful people could not survive in the war since they were being killed.

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The real life perspective and the quotations from other sources bring in some clarity in the title of this novel. For example, when the author says, nothing to say about the massacre, everybody is so used to be dead, to never say anything or want anything again, and it always is except for the birds. This describes the scene of war as portrayed by the title of the novel (Spark Notes Editors, 122). However, in deeper understanding, the book communicates and demonstrates that even under stressful situations, life can still exist.

Through bringing in some significant personal real life events into this fiction, the audience is clearly shown why the book is titled ‘slaughterhouse’. The violent death in the battlefield left many people dead, rotten and stinking. To cover this situation in the way that is favorable for the user, the author has decided to use his alcoholic habit or breathe as a phrase; the breath that smells like mustard, which symbolizes the rotting corps. The war has affected the lives of many people. When Vonnegut says it smell like roses, the roses symbolizes romance. This is mentioned to show how deep the war has affected Vonnegut’s life (Spark Notes Editors, 332).

The novel shows destructive properties of war. The book is a fiction based on science. However, the real life perspective of this book, the quotations, and the titles bring a clear picture of the battle scenes, the bumping, deaths, and destructions, which are the traits of war in the world.

Chapter five of the novel has used different quotations from real life experiences and different books. The existence of free will is an issue brought in the novel in a form of phrase by the author, to try and pass his perception on this matter. The aliens are overheard saying that they don’t believe in free will. Free will is only thought to exist on earth since human mistakenly thinks of time as a linear progression. In this chapter, Vonnegut introduces many quotes to drive home the trafalmadorians and their concepts of time in which almost all events are simple and tough to change.

Chapter five has introduced the theme of Christianity quoting some phrases from the Bible. The description of Christianity on Jesus was crucified brings greater conflict in this book. The author tries to connect the Christianity perspective on war and the real perspective using Christianity perspective quotation from the Bible. The quotation says that before you kill somebody; make sure that that you not connected (Spark Notes Editors, 123).


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