the second amendment

The Supreme Court ruled in McDonald’s decision, which aimed to lift Chicago’s handgun prohibition, that Americans were entitled to gun possession for self-defense purposes. Despite the fact that the justices did not reach a majority decision, the dispute was resolved and a verdict was issued. For example, although some welcomed the court’s decision, some believed that gun possession posed a security risk. Any limitations in the “freedom to keep and bear arms” provision, according to the judges, hindered the constitution. Some admitted that such restrictions could not be constitutionally questioned. The court, through Justice Samuel Alito, emphasized that the Second Amendment applies to the federal government and the states as well. This means that Chicago, being one of the states in the U.S. ought to lift its ban on gun ownership rights. However, the justices differed ideologically on gun rights (NPR Staff and Wires par.1-5).
Arguments For and Against Gun Ownership
According to the court, individuals have rights to bear arms if the arms are meant for self-defence in their homes, then they ought to be allowed to own them. However, this ruling was applied in the context of federal laws and within the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia. The proponents of the right to own guns hold that the rules should apply to both states as well as local laws. All regulations in local governments and states which deter the “right to bear arms” are challengeable in the court. Only mentally unstable individuals and felons should not be allowed to possess guns. Carrying guns should only be restricted in public buildings and education institutions (NPR Staff and Wires par.13-15).
Opponents of the right to own guns postulate that gun ownership should be protected through a political process. As opposed to rural areas, many people who reside in cities like carrying guns unnecessarily. The judges should, therefore, decide sellers and purchasers of guns for security purposes. A ban on guns will help prevent gun violence (Editorial Board par.4-5). I agree more with gun proponents because of the increased need for self-defence resulting from increased crime.
Action to Control Gun Violence
I expect the federal and state governments to license all gun holders to discourage misuse of arms and guns in particular. Also, both the federal and local governments should formulate a standard policy which provides for safer usage of legally acquired guns.
Texas Constitutional Convention of 1875
The convention resulted from the move by the Texas Democrats to eliminate the radicalized constitution of 1869. A movement emerged that advocated for changes in the document prepared by the joint legislative committee. The voters objected the changes suggested by the House of Representatives and approved the document. The reason being, an organic law, deserved to be provided other means since the electorates rejected a centralized method. An election got called in August 1985 with the objective of preparing a new constitution. Before the constitutional convention, Democrats devised measures to undo majority of the Republican acts which had been previously passed (Steen par.1). Consequently, the centralized school became weak. State salaries alongside their expenditures got sliced. Powers of the Governor got stripped which led to the appointment of state officers and declaration of martial law (Steen par.1-3). Leigh Chalmer was appointed the convention’s secretary. Standing committees comprising of a delegation of five to fifteen each got appointed to articulate issues in suffrage, education, federal relations, railroads, and crime as well as public lands. Legal and agricultural interests dominated the agenda. Reversal of Republican excesses perceived previously impacted restrictions on taxes, state debt, salaries, and expenditures (Steen par.2-3).
How E.J Davis’ Administration Influenced the New Constitution
E.J Davis’s administration prompted provisions aimed at decentralizing the state governments. Public free schools were established, and rules were legislated to support these schools and make them efficient. The constitution provided grounds upon which the University of Texas was established under the leadership of E.J Davis. The administration allowed for zone voting and a poll tax was given the mandate, but as such, it was not a voting prerequisite. Public opinion was recognized through legislative biennial sessions (Jillson 39-45).

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