The Pursuit (Movie Summary)

Arthur Brook developed the documentary “Pursuit” after three years of travel, conversation, and research around the world. He seeks to find ways in which man can lift the world, beginning with those who are at the margins of the community. The documentary has managed to reveal ways that can lead to greater happiness to all humanity and material progress for the least fortunate in society. I have learned that people must look for those whom they disagree with and have an honest conversation with them without intentionally omitting facts, personal attacks, or resorting to false dichotomies. These discussions should not be about winning but rather understanding each other and living harmoniously together. However, from a political point of view, this approach seems absurd or frightening, while using the community perspective, it is the best way to bring prosperity and success to all humans.

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If the consequences that anger and contempt have within the society, as well as political discourse, are taken into consideration, there are benefits of taking risks in having a conversation and trying to understand each other. If people opt to be kind to one another, there is a higher possibility of overcoming contempt and divisions in society. In addition, I have learned from this documentary that personalities should be encouraged to be good listeners. They can never stop disagreeing. Therefore, individuals should teach others and learn to find ways of better disagreement. However, it should be noted that national values are eroding local ones. Therefore, there is a need to have a national conversation of better ways that can be used to find understanding among the people.