The purpsose of modern dance

The lecture was about modern dance which simply means a pattern of dancing that really focuses on the dancers’ explanation, rather than holding on to the patterns that were primarily used by dancers for a long period of time. This has resulted in contemporary dancers not choosing to hold onto the old dancing style which confines them to depending on intended moves. Rather modern dancers choose to harness the dancing methods which they have gathered through expressing their emotions and intuitions. As such contemporary dance intends to encourage dancers to make use of their feelings and their intuition in any dancing environment to orchestrate appropriate moves that either for a particular occasion or routine dancing activities. As a result, modern dancing encourages innovativeness among the dancers. Similarly, contemporary dancing aims at ensuring the dancers are in a position to apply gravity in their dancing styles.
Three things learned and impact of the lecture
Modern dancing plays a vital role in ensuring a dancer utilizes gravity by providing the whole body takes part in the dancing. Moreover, dancing competitions judge a dancer’s ability to use modern dancing trends. A dancer expresses his or her emotions using dancing moves. The lecture has increased the desire to incorporate contemporary dancing trends in the day to day dancing activities.
Connection, lesson taught and whether the lecture was important
The lesson played a significant role in connecting the variations between the traditional and the modern dancing practices embraced by dancers as well as the similarities. The lesson taught me the fact that dance moves ought to reflect the emotions harbored. The lecture was important as it played a significant role in highlighting the role and interconnection between dance moves and the emotions in a dancing session.

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