The Process of Critical Thinking

College degree is a pathway to a good career. It will open up the opportunities for an individual to get a more secure and satisfying job. Most of the times, it would not matter your field of specialization, but the fact that you graduated is important. Acquiring a college degree gives one the analytical skills and critical ideas to achieve in the career path (Facione, 2011). The broad ranges of competencies enable an individual to work in various fields. It is no doubt college degree opens up unexpected job opportunities.

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The process of critical thinking is different compared to content finding because it engages ones’ mind in reasoning. It makes one evaluate and improve the thought process before answering something. Besides, it mostly focuses on evidence over ego or emotions. Critical thinking can be applied in a variety of areas. It makes an individual be a collaborator and a team player that can work in a team. The application of logical reasoning makes a person be a valuable part of a team. The steps for a person to continue using critical skills are having the knowledge, comprehending a situation and analyzing the facts. After that, a person has to synthesizing the case and taking action (Thinking, 2016). In conclusion, these steps are essential for critical thinking.



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