The Philadelphia Way (1940) Movie Review

The Philadelphia Way movie is a romantic comedy directed by George Cukor that focuses on Tracy Lord who is a socialite from Philadelphia split from her husband (C.K. Derter) and ready to wed a wealthy man by the name George Kittredge. Social class is one of the major focuses of the movie. It gives a precise look at the high society by the examination of Tracy Lord who is among the main actors of the film. The latter is an upper-class member who is has received several accusations from people that surround her including the ex-husband and own father. The actor has very little tolerance of people without an understanding heart with self-care being all that matters to her.

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The aspect of self-image according to Horatio Alger myth is also evident in the film. Even if the opening stretch of the story illustrates that no one is self-made, Tracy shows the brass to act like she is. Moreover, Tracy appears to be mulish in dismissing triumphant that is in her life Tracy states that she wants to be really loved and driven to drinking in moments when she hears about how people perceive her. The movie gives a clear demonstration on how the society fights to look perfect from the outward for the public but full of flaws on the inner side.

Lastly, some of the movies that have been inspired by the Horatio Alger myth include The Jerk, Pretty Woman, Annie, Scarface, Slumdog Millionaire, and Cinderella. For instance, Pretty Woman talks about how a pretty woman finds warmth in performances that made her a star. However, the material wealth acquired come with a lot of complications.