The painting skills of a virtuoso

As one of the best of Strapran’s prolific art work in Crocker art museum displaying a spectrum of ideas, feel of authenticity and emotional realism best represented by composition of dazzling colors. The empty cherry crate painting shows virtuoso painting skills. Having received several accolades, it is one of the best historical art piece in it’s 60 years of existence.
It gives a sense of emotional realism as it is represented by hallucinatory dazzzling colors that give out the realest-looking picture and the entire theme of the painting. This painting a witty thinking and ability to paint out the human feelings and emotions.
The crate has two visible cherries. This makes it almost empty. It is a representation of pervasive deserted state. The almost empty crate conveys a message of possible loneliness. The emotion represented by presence of an empty space within the crate is attached to possible rejected nature of a certain community. It is also a representation of underpinning reality which exists on an authentic society.
Furthermore, there is a pitiful emotion displayed by the painting. The cherry inside the crate appears overripe. Despite its overripe nature, it has just been overlooked. The crate too ahs been in abandoned in a room which is in a poor state. The room has a wall which are in a bad state which is shown by the visible holes on the wall.
On the other hand, the context of the crate is set in a harrowing hallucinatory red color. Being poised in a red color is a perfect representation of possible melancholic environment. The red stripe to reverse the possible melancholic state. The sides of the carte are colored brown which is a representation of human skin color which possibly means that the carte is an abandoned human being. He has been pitilessly left in a ramshackle room. Despite having some usefulness, as portrayed by the ripe cherries within the crate, the individual has been left sad and helpless.
In general, the almost empty carte with a red stripe painting represents a person poised in between melancholy and ecstasy. The melancholic state is shown by the bad environment he has been abandoned in whereas the ecstasy comes in since the individuals something useful that he has been left with , the overripe cherries. Use of hallucinatory colors simply shows the possible blending of the two contexts.
Raimond Straprans used this painting to give an impression of a useful treasure in someone who is deemed useless. The expression exhibited by the painting is insightful on some of the authentic human emotions that most individuals get when abandoned yet they know that they can be of use to those who abandon theme. This witty representation cultivates a series of mixed up feelings which is represented by the blended red color and the whole theme of the cherry crate painting. Conclusively it is clear that all of Raimond Straprans’ paintings create picture of realisms and are expressive in defining the daily human lives.

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