The novel ‘Phantom tollbooth’

In the novel Phantom tollbooth Act 2, we see how Milo gets lessons from his adventures. The following are the lessons learned by Milo during his adventures and how they will be helpful to him when at home;

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Time management. In the novel, phantom tollbooth act part 2, the author narrates “Time is our most valuable possession, more precious than diamonds. It marches on it and tide waits for no man.” By this statement, we get to know that Milo learned that time should be managed properly because it waits for no man. Secondly on how to make decisions. In the play, we are being told that “Just because you have a choice, it does not mean any of them has to be right”. By this statement, we see that Milo learns on how to make decisions such that he learns that by having a choice it does not it has to be the right one.

In the novel, You are a good man Charlie Brown and happiness is a charming Charlie Brown at Orlando Rep the author uses the character of Lucy in order to bring the theme of change. The author describes Lucy as a crabby person and we see at the end Lucy becomes a changed person. It is from the view of the novel title we get to learn the meaning of the novel the word happiness is a charming Charlie Brown, by using the characters of the play to sing joyous songs that bring joy to life.

The book Phantom tollbooth I will recommend to my friends because the novel has lessons which are important to a student’s life. It has taught me how to manage time and make the right decisions.