The Macro Environment and Its Influence on Wal-Mart


Wal-mart is an international company leading in Retail industry functioning in the form of supermarkets, selling low priced products and grocery stores. The company provides a broad range of goods and services such as electronics, groceries, restaurants, salon services, and household basics. In 1962, Wal-mart Company was founded by Sam Walton by opening the first Wal-mart store in Rogers, Ark.  The fundamental objective of the Wal-mart Company is to provide customers with maximum products experience at a minimum price. Walmart Company’s chief strategy of low prices attracts significant number customers. The company has undergone a tremendous revolution in the retail industry due to the consistent change of the macro environmental factors. Macro environment factors are the uncontrollable forces that affect the strategies and function of an enterprise such as political, social and technological changes (Young & Pagoso, 2008). The following discussion illustrates the technological changes influencing the performance of Wal-mart Company.


The consistently changing technology prompt the rapid changes in customers’ preference and diversity.  The rapid technological advancement has compelled the company to set new technical strategies to maintain its competitive advantage in the retail industry. New technology inventions enhance the business organization criteria. Wal-mart Company has incorporated various technological advancements to retain the customer experience and satisfaction through mobile phones. Eight out ten people in the world own cell phones. The techniques of payment have advanced over the past years: people pay for products and services through online avenues such as PayPal. Flexibility is main reasons why Wal-mart Company has maintained its competitive advantage for the past years (Wal-mart improves on-shelf availability through the use of electronic product codes, 2005). For instance, Wal-mart quickly adopted the bar code technology into its sales systems increasing its efficiency for inventory control.

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Wal-mart Company established a digital platform for online shopping increasing the number of customers. Online shopping underlying purpose is to build a digital correlation between the company and the customers via user-friendly shopping sites to optimize the client experience. The customers can shop online at their convenient time. Wal-mart has employed various technological advancements to ensure proficient online shopping.

The Wal-mart Company has developed a mobile application for online shopping. The customers can shop at any time of the day. According to the company reports approximately twenty million individuals actively use the Wal-mart Mobile application monthly (Communications, 2017). The Wal-mart mobile software is among the most used retail software globally. The mobile application provides the particular description of the products: the customers purchase what he or she needs within the shortest time. The mobile application produces and instant receipt through the phone.

Wal-mart company online shopping site has a high response design that enables accessibility using any customer gadget (Communications, 2017).  The responsive design of the website enhances customer satisfaction regardless of the customers’ preference diversity. The responsive design maintains the company and customer relationship through various digitized electronic platforms.

Wal-mart Company established Pangaea global platform enabling the company to create extensive price algorithms applicable to all the items (Communications, 2017). Pangaea is a highly advanced cloud communications and information centers meant to replace everything in the system. The Pangaea platform manages an array of product pricing compared to the conventional techniques. The Pangaea technology has moved the competitive advantage level of Wal-mart to the next step threatening other retail competitors such as Amazon retailers. Wal-mart has increased more price investment rates compared to the other online competitors.

The technological advancements in the company have positively influenced the rate of revenue generation in the Wal-mart Company. Establishment of technology solutions about the rapid change in customer preference and satisfaction increases the rate of productivity and performance efficiency. Companies should uphold the theme of flexibility about technology to maintain market relevance.



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