The Lightning Thief By Rick Riordan (book review)

This book has an entertaining introduction to the world of half- blood individual’s heroes and Greek myths. From the Tittle ” We Take a Zebra to Vegas” to other exciting chapters involving actions, tonal variations and outstanding literature of the characters, all readers within all the age brackets, especially early adolescent find themselves reading this book. Learning disabilities are one of the key aspects that this book wants to pass to young kids. Melissa Fox reviews Rick Riordan’s book and expounds this with Percy Jackson a 12-year-old with two disorders, dyslexia and ADHD (Riordan, pg 17). The two disorders are shown majorly as “Indicators” as creatures of a GOD. In real sense, it’s not easy for one to understand how a GODS child with blood running within them to have this disability. Traditions and customs play a significant role in self-realization, getting an individual version of reality, love, and family.

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Children embrace this as rather a strength within them than weakness. This approach is encouraging. Positive thinking enables children’s to distinguish themselves from others thus making them unique. Percy didn’t give up no matter the challenges and discriminations. She has been kicked out from many schools before getting a place at Camp Half-Blood, but he never gives up despite this disorder (Riordan, pg 33). However, things go wrong to him on his way to Metropolitan Museum of Art when their math’s teacher who had turned into a giant attacked him and his best friend, Grover.

Percy was lucky to avoid him and then learns the truth why his teacher hated him and his friend. It turns out to him that, he is half -Blood, the son of a Greek God and their evils after him trying to kill him. A summer camp in the Long Island is the only safest place for the Half –Blood, the children of the gods. This is the time when Percy is introduced to the new world of gods, magic, and heroes. He wants to excel in everything he does and apparently in this new world he can fit in and succeed.

Discrimination is another strong aspect brought up in this book. Percy becomes the first person to be accused when Zeus lessening bolt gone missing. Percy with his two friends had to support each other to look for a book and returns it to Zeus earlier enough before he brings up a destructive conflict among all the Gods. Percy and his friend’s missions take them in various directions and on adventures within the whole country. It’s more adventures along the way and the boy alone is not able to handle with the rising betrayal. By the end, they were able to restore order and set Percy’s mother free.

Melissa Fox further brings out the issue of family and loyalty in his review. After a series of events that he encountered, from the time Percy’s mother is kidnapped at the time he is accused of stealing Zeus master lightning bolt. Percy is blamed in all these. He sets out to seek for support from his friends to look for the lock and returns it to Mount Olympus, which is situated on the sixth floor of the state building.

Episodic scenes and Heroism is shown in the middle of the book by Juliana Weiss-Roessler. Percy and his friends encountered various challenges, but they could not imagine this building to anything substantial. The imagination of the urban life is not pretty easy to anyone, realities of the world where no one can put up (Riordan, pg 57). A number of their opponents are less dangerous to co-exist with. In fact, some of them are social beings. Ares is just a motorcyclist, “puts up black jeans and leather duster with red musle shirt, and to his thigh is a hunting knife”. Percy is a person who doesn’t understand himself and yet he is a hero. Instead of figuring out situations with his friends or alone,” a deus ex machina,” gets in and assists him a power that he has no idea over it. However, Harry Potter argues that the book is written down a bit for children, although it’s so painful that children may not get through them easily. However, it’s interesting and easy to read, with all the characters so admirable in this book. Moreover, it’s essential for one to read with a child.

Why the Lightning Thief is Worth Reading

Although the book sounds complicated, it works as a whole to keep the reader involved. The book is interesting and captivating where smaller stories inside introduce Greek myths and gods and more so bringing the whole book together. Riordan understands Greeks mythology in all ways and how to make them captivating for youngsters. Moreover, it appeals to both genders, male and female, with or without disabilities, heroes, and heroine’s .its captivating for all, young and old (Riordan, pg 103). This book enables kids to find out that they are humans no matter the limitations and all the shortcomings. This book has enabled me to gain some knowledge about gods. I would give these book more than ten thousand ratings. Indeed it’s great and deserves it.


The lightning thief focuses on the aspects of identity, love, and family. At the beginning of the story Percy doesn’t know his father, and towards the middle of the book, he is also trying to discover himself. The story further looks into insights of mortal and the immortal world. In the novel family forms an integral part where it can be a creative force or destructive. Furthermore, it surrounds the gods of the Ancient Greek which are still existing and ruling the earth and the sea. The story also expounds the importance of communicating and using more than one language. This novel helps us to visualize and realize that there are no limits in communications. Percy has dyslexia, and yet he stills have the capacity to notice a lot of things.


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