The Lifetime of Rosa Parks

The Rosa Parks Story is a movie about civil rights activist Rosa Parks starring in the movie as Angela Basset. The film is directed by Julie Dash, written by Paris Qualles and produced by Pearl Dever and Elaine Steel. It was released in 2002 and was first shown on CBS as a way of commemorating the Black History month. The movie tells a story of the civil rights struggle in the 1950s and demonstrates how racial discrimination had taken root in the society during that time. It focuses on Rosa Parks, the famous black woman who declined to give up her bus seat in for a white person in the 1950s. Her action sparked anger and condemnation marking the start of the civil rights activism.

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Angela Basset starring as Rosa Parks stands out and plays a critical role in the movie. Even as a child she attends a private school rather than public schools attended by other black students. After seeing the impacts of institutionalized racism and inequities brought about by Jim Crow laws, Rosa Parks joins the NCAACP amid opposition from her husband Raymond Parks who feels that the organization is not effective in its quest to defeat white supremacy. On the first day of December 1955, while Rosa is traveling home after a long and tiring day, she refuses to give up her bus seat for a white man, and she is immediately arrested. Her action sets the stage for the first civil rights protest of the 50s. The movie also features Cicely Tyson, who plays Rosa’s mother. The film was released in 2002.

I think the movie shows us that all human beings are equal regardless of race. Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and accorded the same opportunities in the society. Courage and determination exhibited by Rosa Park in the movie are essential to creating a free and just society where people can achieve their dreams notwithstanding their racial background.

I have learned how racial segregation and discrimination were institutionalized in the 1950s through the passage of legislation like the Jim Crow’s laws. I have also learned the genesis of the Civil Rights Movement that helped fight for equal rights for all races.