The Future of Environmental Activism under the Trump Administration

Environmental activism is the action or policy of using heavy campaigning to protect and preserve the natural environment, particularly from the harmful effects of human activities. The activists work together as a unit to slow down or reduce the rate of climate change brought about by hazardous human behavior.

The future of environmental activism under the Trump’s administration is at risk for the first time in a very long time. An era of environmental protection took a nosedive upon Donald Trump joining the Oval Office. He reversed the actions taken by former President Barack Obama to safeguard the environment. The nomination of Scott Pruitt poses a real threat as he has already filed several suits against the activism (DeBole n.p). The administration will take steps against preserving the environment as long as they lead to economic advantages, even in the short run.

By signing the Energy Independence Executive Order, Trump went against all that Obama had strived to achieve and opened up the federal land to the development of coal. Gina McCarthy, who is a former administrator, insisted that the move was not only dangerous but also embarrassing to the United States and their businesses on a worldwide scale.

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The future is now in the environmentalists’ hands, and they will have to work harder than ever to keep their movement alive and expand it. All advocates reached the agreement that to succeed environmentalists will have to embrace a broad-based strategy, one that involves new allies and more people in the fight for the climate. To gather them effectively in the current era, the organizing prowess will have to improve and increase massively. Traveling to each state and enlightening their occupants about their movement is one way to do it. They should visit each state and leave some of their representatives there to continue with the work after the main environmentalists will go to other places. Such a move will ensure continuous growth throughout the nation, which will result in a greater force when they push for environmental rights.

Activists will also have to apply public pressure. They will have to pressurize the administration as they did in previous years when the Republicans came into power and threatened to handicap the environmental movement. Activists must go to the courts and urge them to protect the rules. Going after personnel policy and political appointees will also be part of their agenda.

The group should look into expanding their legal department and hire more staff lawyers. The move will help them stay grounded even when they are hit with lawsuits against them. Activists will also need them in the court proceeding as they bring up their cases. The lawyers will also give them legal advice on how to go along with their business legally.

The future is tough for the environmentalists, and they will have to prepare for complexities. The Trump’s administration will not bend to their requests easily, so they will have to come up with clever ways of tackling their challenges to preserve the environment.


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