The essence of using technology as a means of communication

Individuals as young as three years old recognize the importance of using technology as a medium of communication worldwide. Parents are using the Internet to share knowledge and data with their children. Adults are telling their children that the Internet is the perfect way to connect. Technology is widespread in today’s culture. Smartphones are being used to browse the web, check emails, and chat (Adams 1). Manufacturers of these phones have not been left behind since they have concentrated on enhancing smartphones’ features and consumer needs using the most up-to-date technologies. As a result, physical contact is becoming less and less regular, while the global space is becoming increasingly overburdened.
On the streets, people are walking as their noses are strongly glued to their smartphones. As such, several incidences of accidents are occurring since individuals lose concentration and focus on the road. In meeting rooms, people are present, but what you hear is silence and sees a high presence of flashing lights as individuals using their smartphones. At homes, dinner is no longer the same since less talk occur as family members engage in using their modern phones.
The social media is now fully integrated into the lives of people. It plays a significant role in establishing the peer relationships and friendships. Social media also helps to connect individuals to the lives and feelings of their friends (Adams 1). Smartphones are vital, especially in times of emergency. However, they have created a bad habit where individuals can easily be ignored by their colleagues as they interact in the business world. Global business organizations have also realized the need to utilize the social media as a way of communicating with their customers and sharing experiences among the employees. Consequently, the manufacturers of smartphones are now using sophisticated technology to meet user preferences.
In the future, kids will not understand the essence of sharing stories and looking directly into the eye of people. At this point, critics will advocate for shutting down of technology to ensuring that it is possible to stay in touch with family and friends. In a society where technology plays a significant role, people often miss a lot, especially the things ahead of them. Individuals have become mobile dependent and do not understand the communication being sent by the real world.
Currently, people are lost in the array of the messages in the digital platform. Individuals are surfing the web and interacting through the social media as a way of finding what other people have shared as experiences in their life instead of creating individual experiences. The engagement in mobile use establishes a duller atmosphere. People now take videos and photos, as well as engage in texting through the smartphones as way of communicating instead of physically meeting with their colleagues.
In conclusion, smartphones have come to destroy the normal physical communication by introducing long-term effects that devalue the current surroundings, situations and people involved in spending time with others. The phones create an opportunity for people to have a good connection on weather and news updates, scores for sports, and information on different research areas. However, the children will soon lose the value for communication since smartphones have introduced a new method of information sharing. The same thing is also expected to be felt among the adults in society.

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