The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgamesh is termed as a secular narrative and does not suggest to be part of a religious ritual which entailed episodes covering important events in life. Gilgamesh was a man who was proclaimed to have known all things since he had seen a lot of mysteries, therefore, knowing many secrets and this made him to be known as very wise person. Initially, the epic can be used as a historical source since it entails about a person known for coming up with a series of tales from Mesopotamia that recount various exploits (Hanson 98). Secondly, we learn about his close friendship with Enkidu and also the great flood which occurred and devastated the Mesopotamian region. Cuneiform text found by archaeologist dated close to 750 years B.C.E and they we found in Nineveh at King Ashurbanipal’s library. Moreover, the excavated texts were found to be written in various languages and at different periods. The epic of Gilgamesh can be described as a poem that originated from a series of legends from Sumeria written in cuneiform text which later on was gathered into Akkadian poems and preserved on clay tablets(Hanson 138).

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Further, we can use the narrative to understand why people of Uruk were not pleased with Gilgamesh since he went around abusing his powers by being harsh and sleeping around with their women (Hanson 134). The tale also tells us about the creation goddess called Aruru who created a wild man believed to be mighty named Endiku and was a rival to Gilgamesh when it came to strength. A temple prostitute named Shamhat was sent by Gilgamesh to Endiku to tame and seduce him and it is after six days and seven nights that he learned the ways of men. Additionally, we can derive the information regarding how the two enemies joined together and became great friends(Forest 57).


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