The Coca-Cola Advertisement

The Coca-Cola advertisement featured in 2017, entitled It’s Happy Hour at Coke, is a brilliant piece of creativity. This advert ran on several tv networks and YouTube with overwhelming popularity. The underlying concept in the presentation of the advert is creativity and software of rhetoric techniques. While Coke is a global company with significant aggressive head start, advertising has proved to be its advantageous tool for beautiful and maintaining its market size. There are numerous Coke adverts in social and mainstream media but their extent of enchantment vary. In this advert that was featured and can be received from, it is important to undertake a suitable analysis of the goal audience and main message. The summary of the video presents two actors, a young lady as the shop attendant and a young man as the coke customer. The overall setting of the advert is in a coke shop with the shop attendant evidently cold at the beginning. The young man who seems to have come from a physical exercise and sweating asks for a coke but is coldly directed to the shelf. The ensuing interaction between the two sets a platform for a debate on the effectiveness of the advert.
The target audience of this advertisement is likely young people, athletes, and general millennial generation. The lady is young and represents the vibrant and ambitious generation. Besides, the young man exhibit age bracket of the young people. The man is sweaty, indicating some strenuous physical activity and the body is masculine with signs of athletic power. The advert reconciles the prospects of calorie replenishment when Coke is taken after a physical exercise.
The advert expresses Ethos, logos, and pathos in its attempt to emphasize the message and appeal to a larger market segment. The blend of physical setting, emotional expressions, romantic fantasies, and physical fitness in this advert has an overwhelming visual appeal.
From the Pathos rhetoric perspective, the advert is full of emotional influence (Stobaugh 61). As the young and masculine man enters the store, the lady is cold in reception but this change as the former drinks the Coke. There is evident act of fantasy by the lady and the interpretation keeps the audience in suspense. From one angle, the lady fantasizes a romantic engagement with the young man from the way he sips the Coke with passion and displays masculinity. From other perspectives, the lady seems to be in deep imagination of taking the same Coke and feeling soothed. The overall emotional effect in the advert provokes the audience desire to get Coke as the ultimate refresher of soul and thirst. To the extent that the lady warms up and displays a smile, the advert underlines the magic of Coke when taken under any circumstance. Considering the targeted group, young generation, emotions play a central role in several decisions and the advert therefore fits in attracting higher demand for Coke. The lady offers an extra Coke but insists on seeing the man taking it “here”. This is an expression of strong feeling connected to the drinking process, the general posture and physique of the man. The advert in its entirety constitutes entertainment as the song equal elicit feelings and therefore appeals to the masses.
The advert also employs Logos effectively (Stobaugh 63). The message has to do with Coke as rich in calories and replenishing at all times. The audience is convinced that Coke has a great nutritional content that rejuvenates even individuals that have engaged in strenuous physical activity. The displayed relief of the young man appears to convince the target audience that Coke is life. Apart from the diet derived from Coke, the feeling that accompanies Cold Coke after a sweaty activity presents the logic of its refreshing slogan. Even the lady becomes vibrant after experiencing the sight of the young man taking the first Coke bottle. The advert blends appearing with reality to form a picture of freedom, good feeling, and healthy aspect of Coke. The logic portrayed through the emotional transition after taking Coke points towards the drink’s refreshing capability. Even the choice of the advert as “Happy hour” is consistent with the observed turn of events. The environment surrounding the advert is surely ending on a happy note.
Application of Ethos in the advert is evident in the overall setting, real people, and brands of Coca cola. The choice of Coke is appealing as it has built a culture of unrivalled freshness.The global presence and polarity of Coke is a reinforcement of the displayed moments of sharing a cold Coke. With Coke, people win in various ways. Although the advert portrays a win in form of another bottle, the message of friendship and happiness is associated with Coke. The advert is effective and efficient in passing out its message. In fact, this remains a creative and great advert of all time.

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