The causation of rape

One of the known biologist Randy Thornhill and the anthropologist Craig T. Palmer (2001) determine the notion of “rape” as induced sex or forcing an individual to involve in a sexual act against his/her will that involves pushing part of the body into the rectum, mouth, or vagina of such individuals. More often, sexual abuse can occur to both males and females’ genders, although it is widespread among women. Rape is also defined as a manner of sexual assault that implicates sexual interconnection as well as other sexual permeation forms committed on an individual without their permission. One of the many types of rape is date rape. It refers to the type of insult where victims have a relationship with the perpetrators, such as a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a husband, or a wife. It is essential to state that in both social and legal terms, rape is a serious crime that leads to unpleasant and sometimes fateful consequences. Jones (2000) asserts that as for the date rape, individuals are usually drugged unconsciously with special medicaments that have no smell or taste, especially when served in drinks. It is through drugs that rape victims lose the ability to think clearly and thus lose awareness of the threat of rape. This makes such victims be inclined to rape without opposing sexual assault. Perhaps, under the influence of drugs, the individual is unable to say “no” to forced sexual intercourse, or may not even be able to remember what transpired to him or her at that time.

Certainly, there are many reasons why rapists commit such a fateful crime. Therefore, there is no single specific theory that could unravel the issue of rape and clarify the crime. Nevertheless, there is an opinion, and it has a right to exist, that various cultural aspects appear to contribute to cases of rape.

Myths that Contribute to Marital and Date Rape

Men need to have sex to prove that they are masculine. When ladies say no to sex, men should understand that they mean what they have said. However, most men take the “no” to mean the opposite, and therefore they ignore the refusals of the women and force them to be involved in the act of sex against their will (Winkler, 2002). Some also believe that when a partner engages in petting or kissing, the partner is obligated to engage in sex. This myth is a dangerous one and can encourage marital or date rape. Moreover, the myth that men are always the head of the household and that whatever goes between a wife and a husband should be no other individual’s business are other dangerous myths that contribute to the rape of married partners.

Traditional roles of gender that prescribe men dominance and women submission are associated with rape (Jones, 2000). In many parts of the world, violent sexual offenses and rapes rates are related to dominant masculinity. Research in many nations has revealed that the promotion of male toughness ideologies and rigid gender roles are highly linked to sexual assault and violence against women. However, the socialization of the gender role and the cultural characteristics explain why rape takes in a lesbian and gay relationship where both partners experience similar socialization of gender roles; and why some ladies rape men.

The differences between individuals are also significant (Thornhill & Palmer, 2001). Some individuals hold beliefs that strongly justify rape as compared to other people. Individuals who are involved in the act of rape tend to have a strong belief in the myths about the act of rape, and therefore, such people are likely to commit rape even if they understand that it illegal and immoral act (Winkler, 2002). Rapists tend to drink more heavily compared with other people and therefore start to have the sexual urge earlier and are likely to have experienced sexual or physical assault or abuse while they were young.

Causes of Rape

Nude and Indecent Dress Sense or Scanty Dressing

Some rape cases are promoted with the nature or dressing code of other people. Actually, some women “rape men” before the men do the “actual act of rape”. There are some dresses, especially in women, that expose their private body part and even leave them a half-naked, which may stimulate the sexual hormones in men, leading to rape cases, especially when the ladies to give in to the sexual intercourse requests from such sexually aroused men (Jones, 2000). Biologically, men stimulate what they see, and therefore indecent dressing among the women has contributed to high rates of rape to a great extent.

Watching Pornographic Movies

Watching pornographic movies raises the sexual hormonal level in the body and activates the adrenaline to send information to the brain concerning what the eyes are watching. Such individuals, when to have the opposite sex or even the same sex next to them, may force such people to engage in sexual activities against their will. Some movies contain rape scenes that may be engrossed in the minds of children or even adults such that they view rape as a cool activity.

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Cults and Rituals

Some rituals and cults demand that a person must be raped before being initiated into the cliques. Some people might also be involved in the act of rape for ritual reasons.

Being in a Compromising Situation or Dark Room with an Opposite Sex

People become vulnerable to rape, especially when they find themselves in a compromising situation with the opposite sex (Thornhill & Palmer, 2001). Many rape cases have occurred from such scenarios, particularly when the victim is not ready, prepared, and willing to cooperate with the agent of rape.


Rape cases have continued to cause more debate in the recent past. The following suggestions can help in eliminating or reducing the high rate of rape cases:

People should dress decently and should avoid at all cost dresses that may expose their private parts or leave have naked, as this decent dressing attracts respect and dignity (Thornhill & Palmer, 2001). Dressing too skimpy clothes, especially among women, should be discouraged in all cultures worldwide as this may arouse the sexual urge as men are attracted to what they see. Moreover, people should limit private and compromising situations with those of the opposite sex, as this may lead to rape. Restricting circumstances does not mean that people should not have freedom of association, but sometimes “prevention is better than cure.” The security bodies need to step up on the cases of rape and prosecute rape offenders. Moreover, the security agencies should ensure that the rape victims are protected against further victimization and stigmatization and counseled to fit into society. The Senate and the National Assemblies should enact harsh and strict laws (Jones, 2000). Such proposals should make rape a punishment with life imprisonment to ensure that such offenders do not come back to society to continue with such an immoral and illegal act.



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