The Benefits of Using the Ashford University Library

Ashford University library support learning and research for students and staff of Ashford University by enabling accessibility of thousands of online resources. It provides access to scholarly and popular resources as well as offer research tools such as databases and tutorials. The library provides many benefits to students and the University staffs.

The Ashford Library offers scholarly and popular resources to users. The scholarly resources are publications written by various experts fields such as medicine, engineering, education, and security (Ashford University Library, 2013). The written papers are reviewed by other experts in the area for approval to become scholarly resources. Popular resources, on the other hand, are written by professional bloggers and journalist and help in informing the public, in research and entertainment. They may include magazines, blogs, and newspapers.

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Besides, it provides many databases that help users in the research process. It has databases such as ProQuest, EBSCOHost, JSTOR and Project MUSE that enable one to find information in the popular and scholarly journals. However, JSTOR and Project MUSE only provide access to scholarly sources and not popular sources (Ashford University Library, n.d). The issues outlined in the databases may not be current, but it provides access to journal dating up to 100 years. The ProQuest and EBSCOHost allow users to locate information from scholarly journals to magazine and newspapers on any subject and it recommended for starters.

Furthermore, the library provides tutorials that give step by step process of accessing the publications and how to use it. The tutorial located in “Getting Research Help” section located on the main page of the library then selecting a tutorial option. Two tutorials are most useful, and these include Searching for Articles tutorial and find article when one has a citation tutorial (Ashford University Library, n.d). Ashford library also has also found it a tool that helps library users to locate specific publications by just writing key words or main ideas. The tool helps to retrieve resources from the library database that would have required a lot of time to access.

Ashford library is an excellent tool that supports the Ashford University in providing high quality and competitive learning opportunities and programs. It provides many online scholarly and popular sources for research and information purposes. It has also provided tools such as databases, tutorials and find it options that allow users to navigate through the library and access thousands of resources. Therefore, the library is a fantastic tool vital in providing a competitive learning environment.



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