The article titled “Culture and Semiotics: Notes on Lotman’s conception of culture”

Yuri Lotman’s essay “Language and Semiotics: Notes on Lotman’s Definition of Culture” addresses different aspects of culture. According to reports, there are two distinct positions in nature and culture: naturalistic and antinaturalistic orientations. According to the Moscow-Tartu party, the first theoretical view of culture is based on Lotman’s ideas from his studies in the 1960s and is closely linked to semiotics. The semiotic world may be seen as a single mosaic text and an alienated vocabulary. A shift in static, dynamic thinking is based on the change occurring in the concept of culture as a bundle of primary and secondary systems of models.
The concerns that have been raised by Lotman belong to the global cultural order and the differences between dynamics. In culture, there is the existence of phenomena that are destined to be the conveyor of the societal memory. The use of the symbol is an example of a conveyor in which it condenses the cultural memory. Culture and explosion topic indicates that the issue of the absence of progressive organization is likely to be compensated with various significant problems. Lotman stresses the application of the antithetic character of culture through indicating that it is precarious and contradictory. Explosive quality of the concept of culture is often manifested during historical times and the actions of influential individuals within the society. The explosion of culture is unpredictable in nature such as is through the delivery of information which is done after the deconstruction. Finally, there is no need to introduce objectivity when it comes to history due to their strange relationship.

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