The Argument on Whether the Death Penalty Should Be Taken Away

The legitimacy and application of the death penalty in the world is an extremely controversial subject. Most of the diverse opinions explore whether countries should outlaw the practice or maintain the status quo. The subsequent arguments postulate the efficacy of the death penalty in contemporary societies.

Arguments in Support of the Death Penalty

Proponents of the death penalty believe that the practice can act as a deterrence to possible occurrences of similar offenses. Moreover, they argue that the government should deny individuals guilty of murdering another human being the fundamental human right to live. In such cases, using the death penalty to punish the culprits “fit the alleged crime” of killing a fellow human being. Similarly, individuals have the luxury of differentiating between right and wrong, and that the death penalty will deter possible contemplation of committing heinous criminal acts. Lastly, societies will derive significant benefits from the elimination of such criminal architects.

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Arguments Against the Death Penalty

Opponents to the death penalty argue that the practice violates the fundamental human rights to life. In particular, it violates the constitutional provision of equal protection from possible bodily harm. Legal systems should not violate the constitutional rights to life among individuals accused of murder or other related crimes. Correspondingly, the applications of death penalty laws are discriminatory practices that ignore other viable forms of crime deterrence. The unfair and ultimate judgment of character and the execution of “befitting” punishment in the form of the death penalty lead to the cruel and unusual application of the rule of law and order.

Personal Opinion

I believe that there are no evident deterrent impacts relating to the implementation of death penalties. I support the renewed calls for the complete elimination of capital punishment in criminal justice systems globally. Making a spectacle of a person’s death does not serve any legitimate purpose of discouraging criminal elements within different societies. In conclusion, the government-sanctioned practice of killing individuals as a punishment for crime is a repressive act. Alternatively, governments should explore other means of punishment to such people.