Telecommunication Network Design

Due to the increased demands of clients requiring filing and defending of their patents rights, a design of a network that can support and sustain new multi-location property rights defending practice is necessary. This report, therefore, provides a clear set of requirements that will be employed in the network solution, and thereafter identify the sensitive information that needs patent right protection and the necessary security requirements. Additionally, the types of networks components, equipment, and devices needed to meet the stationary office’s needs and all the 23 mobile attorneys will be identified. Then, a network design diagram indicating all the suitable network configuration to serve the needs of the newly merged firm. Lastly, the benefits of the newly proposed network solution will be explained.

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With three law firm offices currently operating, a network design that will incorporate databases of all the three law firms’ offices located within the city into an all-inclusive database that stores all three offices’ resources for company-wide access. Clients’ records must be easily accessible when required for updates and reconciliation of their details with those in the government Patent Offices. Therefore the new network is expected to have a high data transmission rate (Dauti, 2012). Additionally, the new design will incorporate the remote access network to enhance mobile computing as well as full company access to the 23 attorneys that send and receive documents of legal and patent rights as well as client records updates while outside the proximity of the office. It is very vital for the network to protect the records and information of the clients.

With the aforementioned network requirements, the law firm offices are required to set up security protocols that would protect their assets containing all the vital information. Such assets include clients records, legal and patent documents, operational data, and firm’s daily schedules. Information security procedures like authorization, confidentiality, availability, integrity, and authentication are essential and need to be implemented if the data protection is to be effected (Dr. Cole, 2011).

A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is very essential for the proposed network. This MAN is intended to interconnect all the three law firm offices located within the city. The connection speed for MAN is very high and this makes it very appropriate for our purpose. Another factor that makes MAN appropriate is the fact that the three offices are within the same city region. Additionally, MAN has a backup system for a real-time transaction that prevents the loss of client’s records (Dauti, 2012).

Further, implementation of a VPN connection is important in providing remote computing as well as ensure all the 23 mobile attorneys have access to secure resource. A VPN server should be installed together with this VPN connection to allow the mobile attorneys to connect to the intranet if a need arises, and thereafter their request would be directed to the server that processes the request. Although VPN connection utilizes the public internet, it provides privacy and data encryption by using tunneling protocol. Data encryption is an asset that protects the integrity of data while in transit (Stines, 2015).

The network diagram is as shown below


This network design has several benefits. Firstly, MAN connection allows all the law firm offices in the metropolitan city to have a centralized network where all the information resources of the company including client’s records are well kept for them to be widely accessible to the organization. Since the majority of the service provider of MAN network offer internet access to the MAN’s subscribers, MAN offers a good convergence to the network. Another benefit of MAN is that it offers low rates of errors, high rate of data throughput and also offers “ability to a user to dynamically allocate more bandwidth on demand” (Dauti, 2012). This latter benefit allows a scalable network that is vital for future expansions hence very important. VPN is very important for mobile attorneys. In case any of the attorneys wish to access network of the company, then he or she can do so via VPN connection, due to the availability of the network to remote users. Also, there is the low cost of VPN implementation because the internet service providers responsible for the provision of this service offer the necessary hardware. Further, VPN ensures there is a secure connection since the data via VPN is encrypted hence the hacker cannot be able to decrypt or intercept it. Therefore through the data encryption, confidentiality and integrity of the client’s records and patent documents are safeguarded (Dr. Cole, 2011).



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