SWOT Analysis on Panera’s Bread Company


PBC is among the companies that have been successive and consistent in growth (Sheel, 2016). This, however, is accounted for a good leadership system that has been able to employ different strategies in ensuring the company becomes successful. Currently, the firm can be found in about 1972 locations globally. In order to understand the position of the company in the market, it is important to perform an external SWOT analysis.

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The company has the opportunity of availability of raw materials for its products; the management identifies a suitable region where the raw materials are cheap and easily accessible before establishing a Panera manufacturing branch (Zabeen et al., 2016). Also, it utilizes technology as a tool in identifying regions where the market is concentrated before distributing its products.

The demographic pattern or social change has promoted the growth of PBC in the sense that many people have adapted to modern eating habits where bread is acceptable and consumed widely. Panera Bread Company provides employment opportunities to people; this has made the government develop favorable policies that ensure its efficient operation.


The current society has developed a cultural need to learn and experiment new ideas; this is a threat to the company as many families are trying to bake their own bread instead of buying from the company. Moreover, there are companies being established to produce bread of different varieties; this is likely to make the people curious about trying new brands (Sullivan, 2016). Additionally, the competitors influence the prices, which in turn affect the profits and the funder’s financial potential.

Policies have been changed in most regions to favor local development. This involves encouraging local industries and discouraging the establishment of external or foreign firms in the country. Technological changes globally also affect the operation and profitability of the company. Technology is providing information on the procedure for making different types of bread decreasing the market size of the company.


PBC has opportunities such as the social changes that are promoting the consumption of bread. Also, the government has established policies to promote its operation. The company, however, faces threats such as technological development and the experimentation culture in the society.

Peer Review

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The peer has used academic sources within the last three years that are relevant to the topic. Statements that are not the peer’s knowledge are cited through an in-text method such that the reader can determine where to access additional information. All the sources used in writing the paper are listed on a different page at the end of the essay.

The peer has presented various points that provide an alternative view of his claim on the topic. The other opinions are also supported by evidence from different sources; this provides information to the reader that the peer’s perception or argument is not specifically the only interpretation of the issue (Torras et al., 2016). The readers, therefore, are likely to read more sources on the topic with the urge of establishing their own perceptions. Also, the different views illustrate the presence of information gaps that are critical in future research.

The peer has shared insights that are important in writing of future assignments such as providing accurate in-text citation and reference list for the sources used in the paper. Moreover, the format of the paper includes the introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion that are important in future writing.

The peer also has strength in summarizing the main points in a single paragraph that helps the reader reflect the knowledge gained from the topic. The peer, however, should improve on paragraph structure through incorporating the use of transition words for the reader to clearly establish the relationship between one sentence and another (Onwuegbuzie, 2016).



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