Steve Jobs’ Leadership

Steve Jobs was an innovative and genius entrepreneur who left a great legacy due to his leadership qualities and innovativeness. Jobs revived one of the most acclaimed companies, and his way of managing was pivotal in the business sector (Abraham, 2014). Therefore, I chose Steve Jobs, seeking to learn some leadership skills from him. Although Jobs’ personal and business life was difficult, there are valuable lessons that one can learn. I believe the most significant lessons can be learned from his contribution to the computer industry and his personal life that inspired many young people to pursue their careers and develop new technologies. I expect that I will acquire some essential knowledge about the leadership skills that enabled Steve Jobs to become a successful leader and entrepreneur. Thus, the paper discusses the qualities of Steve Jobs’ leadership that contribute to his success.

Some of the attributes that made Jobs a great leader include adaptability, focus, and vision. Adaptability was the most prominent quality of Jobs. For example, although he was fired from Apple when he was 30 years old, Jobs adapted to the situation and accepted criticism (Yoffie & Cusumano, 2015). By the time of his rehiring 12 years later, he had developed a technology that changed the computer industry. Moreover, Jobs had a great ability to focus, which is why his products are continually upgrading and are in demand to this day. He kept innovating his computer devices and never replicated them for mere profit. Jobs was a great visionary and changed the world with his creative ideas and high-quality goods. Some of these attributes are evident in the development of the iPad, which was a line of tablet computers (Clinebell, 2014).

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In conclusion, I learned that one of the most important traits of a successful leader is the adaptability that helps overcome difficulties and continuously provide new products to meet the changing demand.



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