Smart Television Revolution


Smart TV is trending because the modern society has become highly configured in terms of technology that exists in our television set, computers, and cell phones (Rouleau 1). As such, time passes and the traditional television sets are now outdated since the technological era has contributed to the emergence of the smart TV. Thus, smart TV is the new revolution within the television technology. Globally, all the countries are embracing the new movement and development in technology level. It is because of this that smart TVs have gained a significance presence in society and are being appreciated by people from different social backgrounds.

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Idea of the television

As of the early 1980s, there was the introduction of the television receivers in Japan. As such, a character generator and LSI chip was added to the television receiver, which ensured that the viewers of television in Japan had an opportunity of getting a mixture of information and programming, which was changed through spare lines television signals for the broadcast (Sen 1). This was followed by the 1994 establishment of the patent to have an intelligent television system, which is linked to data processing through an analog or digital network. It was during late 2000s and early 2010s that digital television was improved to what is currently the smart TVs in society.


The building of a smart TV involves creating an Internet facility, which ensures that it is possible for the user to gain access to the online services. Therefore, users can enjoy instant messaging services and utilization of the social networking sites (see figure 1). It also becomes easier to access different websites. The manufacturers always focus on building these TVs such that they have the potential of utilizing modern levels of technology and offer the best features, which are needed by customers.

Figure 1: Smart TV and its features

The software and technology, which is used in building the smart TV is still evolving. There open and proprietary software framework sources, which are still available. These have the potential of running applications, supporting personalized communications, engaging in interactive on-demand media, and supporting social networking features (Rouleau 1). Hence, the building of the smart TVs is based on these software frameworks. Further, different platforms are in existence, which help in building process of the smart TVs. In spite of this, these TVs are build such that they are protected from different forms of attacks, which could occur online, especially when malicious codes are run. Security software is also added, which acts as an antivirus for the television sets.


Smart TVs have Ethernet port, which creates room for them to be upgraded by downloading the new updates for the software from the Internet. They are also build such that they can access Wi-Fi while using the USB dongle or hardware, which is plugged at the back. Hence, customers are able to have the software upgraded as they are using the TVs at their home place. Moreover, the manufacturers of the smart TVs have established their independent online stores, which create an opportunity for the users to download the apps from the existing app store. Such has been embraced by brands that include Panasonic and Samsung. Users of the TVs can enhance this experience while utilizing optional accessories, which include Smart Pen and game controllers.

Moreover, the TVs have the evolution kit. An example of this is the Samsung Smart Evolution Kit. It is this kit, which ensures that an individual is able to upgrade from the old Samsung TV to the new Smart TV (Technical Direct 1). However, such a kit is not availed to all models, but to only specific models. Nevertheless, it is easy for a person to spend a little more and get the kit, which is specific for a given model.

Smart TVs are also upgraded online. This is done by ensuring that the TV is turned on and connected to an Internet source. The menu button is pressed followed by the support icon to select software update. It is also to upgrade via the USB. Such is done by downloading the software updates from the Internet and storing these updates in a USB, which is then connected to the TV in order to support the upgrade process. During the download process, the model of the TV has to be entered to ensure that the upgrade corresponds to the same type of the TV.

Making them smarter

Smart TV is often made smarter by ensuring that it can be connected to the Internet easily. As such, the TV is able to access web browsers, run different apps for entertainment, and access internet music, movies, and family stations, as well as others services. The TVs have additional accessories, which include the Smart Pen. Therefore, the user has the chance of utilizing the pen as a means for writing directly to the screen of the TV. These TVs also have wrist band, which ensures that individuals get a chance of monitoring their fitness while using the Smart TV.

Further, the TVs can be made smarter by getting the Idea centre Stick 300 (Rouleau 1). This helps in the transformation of all forms of HDMI TV or a monitor to a PC. Such is ideal for all the client presentations that include web browsing, gaming, watching movies, and catching up with emails. Hence, customers get a convenience in the computing environment in an ultra-small format. Ideacenter Stick 300 is small at a length of 100 mm, but it is very powerful. The TVs can also be linked with an optional keyboard-and-mouse-in-one, which fits effectively in the pocket of a client. The device ensures that the user has the opportunity of enjoying web browsing and multimedia at a far distance. It is just a plug and play through a USB port while using a wireless connection, which can be almost 10 meters away.

Moreover, the software, which the TV is using can be upgraded to ensure that it is compatible with the new features that are added through the USB port (Sen 1). Hence, the client is able to enjoy added features without any form of software conflict in the TV functionality. It is also possible to change the processor and the memory size of the TV. This facilitates in accommodating new features, which the user would like to have added into the television set.

Benefits of the upgrade

The upgrade is beneficial to the users since they get more attractive, better performing, and smarter experience. Further, users have an access to user-generated content, Internet applications, and interactive services that include YouTube (Technical Direct 1). They also ensure that there is curation of the past content through having a combination of the TV provider’s content and information obtained from the Internet. Users also get an opportunity to have reminders on sporting events, shows, and change channels so that they are able to have instant viewing.

Customers also enjoy online features through the upgrades. However, these features tend to vary in accordance to the model and make of a smart TV. It is these features that ensure that customers can access the popular sites for social networking that include Twitter and Facebook. These include instant messaging applications, such as Skype and webcam that helps people to enjoy full screen video calling for family and friends. Moreover, customers get accessories and apps easily from the upgrades. Samsung and Panasonic are an example of the smart TVs, which ensures that users can enjoy online stores for extra apps downloads. On the same note, users have a range of things, which they can download through these features with a lot of ease. Therefore, it becomes easy for users to enjoy everything that they need from the smart TV at the touch of  button.


In conclusion, smart TV is the best option in the market. They offer quality features, which users enjoy. This is because they are build using the modern levels of technology, as well as a provision to ensure that they can be upgraded. Hence, customers get the greatest experience for the new trend in the television market. The developments in technology have also triggered manufacturers from different areas to compete in terms of producing the highest quality of the television set in society.


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