Sexual Tolerance

America has been considered a country that represents diversity. The country incorporates different perspectives and thoughts on varying issues relating to the society. Due to this reason, America is seen as an embodiment of diversity. The American society has overcome rigid adherence to social conventions and behavior thought to be traditionally unacceptable and has become more tolerant. Consequently, the issue of marriages between same sexes has erupted heated discussions and has come under consideration. Because of the change in outlook in respect to gender roles, the prospect of marriages among same-sex couples is also changing. Some indicators of change are the increased inclusion of females in the armed force and the steps taken to pass laws allowing same-sex marriage. However, there are still wide variations in opinions about these issues among the Americans.

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Despite this shift in the way of viewing things in the society and increased tolerance to various kinds of sexual orientations, some people still have old and outdated views. A percentage of people in the society still views sexual orientations other than straight one as being intolerable and unacceptable. Consequently, gay and lesbian kids are receiving considerable criticism from the community and bullying which has resulted in a significant number of suicide cases among gays and lesbians (Burns, 2010). Furthermore, the situation in the United States is being made graver by the fact that the religious institutions have also expressed criticized lesbians and gays.

On the contrary, research studies and polls have revealed that Americans’ attitudes towards gay and lesbian marriages are changing and more people are in support of these groups. According to research conducted by Pew Research Centre (2016), 55 percent of the American population support marriages between same sexes while 39 percent do not. Although there have been debates among Americans regarding different views towards sexual roles and same gender marriages, trends that have been observed show that more Americans are increasingly getting used to same-sex marriages and accepting them. Older generations in the American society found it hard to support gay and lesbian marriages and this was attributed to strict cultural norms that were followed. Nevertheless, things have changed in the modern time and most of the older generation has been compelled to support gay marriages. According to Pew Research Center statistical results of research (2016), the recent years have seen a significant increase in the number of older people supporting same-sex marriage.

Despite the changing attitudes regarding sexual orientations, a large number of strict Christians in the United States are still holding on to their traditional doctrine ideologies. The African-American and the white evangelistic Protestants have been the most vocal about these issues and they are very critical of unions between people of the same sex. Besides, a small percentage of Republicans is also against same-sex marriages and criticizes gays and lesbians. However, most mainline Protestants and Catholics support the emerging changes in laws concerning people with different sexual orientations and marriages between the same sexes. From the statistics of the Pew Research Center (2016), 66% of Democrats and 61% of independents are now in support of these marriages. Also, there have been increases in the number of Americans who have overcome various stereotypes and now show support for women enrollment in the armed forces (Pew Research Center, 2016). Because of this, women are now able to climb this professional ladder, indicating changing perspectives and attitudes of the Americans society. More than 200,000 women are currently on active duty in the military, and more than 60 of them are in the admirals and generals position (CNN, 2013).


For Americans, the attitude towards same-sex marriages, gender roles, and sexual orientations is changing. This has been evident from the steps taken by the government to pass laws allowing these marriages. Despite these changes in views and perspectives, some gay and lesbian youths are still receiving criticism from their peers and the society and some have even committed suicide. However, there are still wide variations in the opinion of the Americans about the above-mentioned issues with some supporting the move and others going against it. Both political parties and religious institutions are also changing their views on the emerging dimension of sexual orientations. Most Catholics and mainline Protestants have accepted the changes while a smaller percentage of Protestants has remained fixed in old perspectives. Furthermore, these changes are being demonstrated by the increased acceptance of women to the armed forces and their growing opportunities in that field.



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