There is a definite difference between selfies and self-portraits. A selfie is a photograph taken at arm’s length or directly into a mirror using a webcam, tablet, or handheld digital camera. Self-portraits, on the other hand, are made by an artist using a memory, photograph, or reflection as a reference. Selfie images are typically disseminated online through social media networks, where they have the advantage of accessing a large audience with very little financial capital. What role does the camera play in creating this difference (how do you use the tool differently to create one over the other)?

The angles and outlook in selfies are perceptible and noticeable, which is different from self-portraits. Individuals who take selfies employ applications, such as photo editors and pre- made filters, to enhance how the photos appear.

After Shooting:

What difference do you see in the pictures? Describe.

With the selfie photo there is not too much depth and it is spontaneous. It reflects as the one is trying to capture some fun or important moment to demonstrate that the individual was at a particular place at a particular time. However, with the self-portrait it is like the one is trying to convey a certain meaning or idea. It is generated by some thought and deep feeling. It is methodical.

After studying the pictures you made, what could you use each picture for? If one is good for social media, what is the other image useful for and why?

I would use the selfie for social media purposes simply to look for admiration and share it with close friend, whereas the self-portrait would be useful as art. It would be suitable for an exhibition in a gallery.

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