Schools Should Provide Only Healthy Food in Their Canteen

Nutrition is one of the essential needs for people to function properly; thus, there is a need to maintain excellent and proper dieting. Proper nutrition is a habit developed by an individual over time. There are chances that an individual will continue consuming healthy food if they start taking it early in life. Hence, although healthy foods’ taste may not be appealing to students and it is more expensive, schools should provide only healthy food in their canteen.

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School should focus solely on providing healthy food within it canteens based on the nutritional values it offers. There is a need to note that students tend to buy and consume junk foods outside the school premises. Thus, healthy food in school canteens increases their chances of having access to proper nutrition required for growth and development. The most crucial reason why school canteens should focus on the provision of healthy meals is based on the fact that students should be accustomed to healthy food instead of the consumption of junk food.

In conclusion, the human body and mind need to be in proper shape to function at its best. Effective studying and academic success require maximum health and concentration. One of the means by which the above-discussed aspects can be attained is via the consumption of healthy diets. Hence, it is essential for school canteens to sell only healthy food to students, based on the fact that it not only caters to their health needs but helps them develop and maintain proper nutrition habits for the rest of their lives.